Five Minute Friday – Afraid

It’s FRIDAY!!! Every Friday people across the globe go to LisaJo Baker’s site and see what the magic prompt word if the week. You set a timer for 5 minutes concentrating on that word and what it means to you. Then you post it on your blog and link up on her site for all to see. It’s fun! It’s Freeing!! The only real rule is that you have to stop by the blog that posted before you and cheer them on. Join us!

My word today is… Afraid.


Darla lives her life in constant fear. When strangers come to the house, especially men… she runs upstairs to her room. Sometimes she slowly comes down, one step at a time to investigate and finds there was nothing to worry about. Other times she will stay up there cuddled in her bed.

She is also afraid to have her picture taken. You can see the fear in the eyes of this 6 year old.

Thunder storms and fireworks make her shiver in fright. You can feel her little body quaking as she curls up next to you looking for comfort.

Leaves fluttering in the summer breeze sets her heart pounding.

I can’t imagine living locked up in that kind of fear on a day to day basis. Always afraid… even of your own shadow.

Darla is my daughter’s dog.


Darling Darla

Darling Darla

Afraid is not a word in my vocabulary. I am not afraid of anything. Jumping in first and asking questions later is what I do best. Working through each situation as it pops up and getting through each day at a time has kept me moving forward. Dwelling on issues and problems that MIGHT (or might not) occur seems to be a waste of my time. So writing this Five Minute Friday was a challenge for me. Thank Heavens I have a sweet scaredy cat of a dog in the house to remind me not everything or everyone should be trusted in an instant. Our ‘afraid’ gene is there for a purpose… just don’t let it rule our lives.

  • MrsHLBjr (Jennifer)

    Popping in from Lisa-Jo’s…

    Love this! Darla seems like such a sweetheart! The perfect, warm, cuddling companion on a cold night!

    And what a great reminder not to let our fears become our idol. Thanks for sharing!!