Painted Johns & Fish – DP#41

Painted Johns

I am sure you will all agree with me that these are the prettiest painted Johnny-On-The-Spots you have ever seen in your life. Now that I think about it… these are the ONLY Painted Potties I have seen… EVER. Who would have thought of this???

The display was clever actually… they were in Marietta, GA at the Art In The Park Street Fair today. One woman stated after opening the door and peeking inside, “They must be for display, they are too clean”. I had to reassure her they were to be used.

There was so much to see at this Street Fair… my creative juices were on overload. A few exhibits caught my attention as really unique. My most favorite was the FISH RUBBINGS. I am sure you have heard of Grave Rubbings… right? Where you take a piece of paper, lay it over a grave stone, and rub with charcoal until the name and date appear? Well… this guy takes real fish… slimy, gooey, fish… lays it on a table and paints it with acrylic paint. Then carefully lays handmade paper over it and presses gently to make an impression. They were AWESOME!!! Fabulous art work for the fisherman in your life! See for yourself.

Fish Rubbings

Wrong Music For The Venue… DP#40

Glowing Balloon


Hot air balloons were set ‘a glow’ tonight as the opening act of Callaway Garden’s 15th annual Balloon Festival.

My nephew and I arrived early in the day… allowing plenty of time to view the gardens and grounds before the evening’s Balloon Glow. The place was so empty we felt we had the entire 2500 acres to ourselves. I guess the Friday of Labor Day Weekend was the perfect time to visit.

I couldn’t wait to see the Day Butterfly House!!!! I wasn’t disappointed!! Although it was muggy and stifling hot, the sight of hundreds of butterflies flitting around you made up for the discomfort.
Blue Morpho

A Blue Morpho landed on my foot… attracted by my bright pink toes. No matter how much I wiggled my toes or shook my foot, he just wouldn’t leave. It took forever, but he FINALLY flew away.


Their wings are brown on the outside and don’t look like much… until they fly!Butterfly on footThe day was peaceful and calm. Meditating at the Chapel, enjoying the breath taking views of nature. Mr. Callaway would be happy to know that his dream of sharing such wonderment has come true… Until…

Until the concert at the beach accompanying the Ballon Glow! Jessta James… a Rock Band was the night’s entertainment. I couldn’t believe my ears!!! It’s not that they weren’t talented… they were… and I enjoy quality Rock as much as the next guy… they just weren’t the right music for the event.

It was a family event. Every where you looked there were young families and lots of kids. The balloons themselves were serene and beautiful. The water, the view, the surroundings all made you smile and relax. Then the bone chilling rock music SHRIEKED through the air and shook you out of the magic spell of the night.

OK… It was sweet that one of the band members professed his love to his girlfriend and proposed right there on stage… but I could have done without the Lead Singer talking about his brother’s death from an overdose. If this were a crowd of twenty somethings that enjoyed rock, I wouldn’t even mention my displeasure… but again I remind you all that the place was overflowing with young couples in love holding hands, hundreds of young families, and older folks (like me) out for the night to bask in the glow of the balloons.

Music is supposed to soothe the savage beast. In this case it set my teeth on edge and distracted the calm and peaceful nature of the evening.

That’s my opinion.

Now that I have ruffled your feathers a little… let me leave you with another calming photo of the balloons…

Balloons Glowing

Take Me Out To The Ballgame – DP#39

Take me out with the crowd.

Buy me some peanuts and…

cracker jacks 2


Tonight I attended a BRAVES baseball game at Turner Field ( A huge THANK YOU to my brother). What an experience! My seats were super duper and the best part of all… I didn’t have to leave my seat to get refreshments! Really!!! A guy named Brian was there to take our order and a ‘runner’ bought it to us post haste. Incredible!! Oh… and did I mention the Valet parking? Boy… going to a baseball game certainly isn’t what it used to be.

Of course I ordered a Hot Dog, beer, and Cracker Jacks. What else did you expect?  I was a little disappointed the Cracker Jacks came in a bag like potato chips instead of the waxy box from days of yore. You still get a prize!!! Yippie! The little kid inside of me got excited.

The game was interesting. I’m a Phillies girl at heart, and wasn’t familiar with any of the players, but I clapped and cheered when appropriate, stood and did the WAVE when it was my turn, and crossed my fingers that the ‘HUG CAM’ would NOT point in my direction.

Final score… Braves 3 – Indians 0 – Deb Happy.

Braves Baseball

I-Scream! – DP#38

You know how you go out to eat and when it’s dessert time, no matter how hard you tried to save room… you are STUFFED to the gills and have to forgo that creme brûlée? Well… not tonight!!! Not on my watch!!!

I followed the advise on so many menus today… ‘Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first’. I threw the already compromised diet out the window and declared tonight’s dinner would be ICE CREAM.

After researching the BEST ice cream shop in Atlanta… I headed the car to Morelli’s in the Edgewood section. It was soooooooooo worth it!!!

There were quite a few different flavors to taste before the final decision was made. The Sweet Potato Waffle was good, but I thought too sweet for an entire serving. So I settled on a scoop of Death By Peanut Butter, and a scoop of Brooklyn Cheesecake… topped with Hot Fudge Sauce.

Morelli's Ice Cream

The small dish is mine. My nephew plowed through the large one.

The ice cream was the creamiest I ever tasted. Little crunches of graham cracker crust added that little something extra to the Brooklyn Cheesecake… and globs of creamy peanut butter swirled through the Death By Peanut Butter. Oh so yummy!!!

I’ll eat extra fruit and veggies tomorrow 🙂

*** If you want to see the needlepoint I finished today… check my other blog…



Smile – DP#37


What makes YOU smile?? Babies? Puppies? Balloons??

Today I saw something that brought a GIGANTIC smile to my lips. While driving in an area I have never been before, I was concentrating on the traffic patterns and street signs… not to mention manuevering a car that wasn’t mine, which always puts me on high alert. I was stopped at a red light. I looked up, coming towards me was the most incredible sight!!

An older gentleman with shoulder length gray hair, wearing a black t-shirt was peddling his bike toward me on my right side. Bright colors around his neck caught my eye, but I couldn’t quite make out what I was looking at. As he rode nearer I realized it was a bold necklace made of 1 inch squares on a string, in primary colors… yellow, blue, and red.

But what was the yellow thing on his shoulder… my mind queried?

A BIRD! Perched on the man’s shoulder was a yellow, red, and green bird. A real bird. It didn’t fly away, or try to move as the wind blew through its feathers!! I swear, I saw that bird smile!!! I would imagine riding on this man’s shoulder out in the open is a whole lot better than being caged.

The light turned green, and the man keep peddling away from me before I could grab my camera. If the traffic wasn’t so backed up I definitely would have turned around and followed that guy to snap a photo. The scene now lives in my memory. I hope one day to paint it before I lose my marbles.

What do you think… can birds smile?? That looked like one happy bird to me!!

Zero, Zip, Ziltch – DP#36



As a writer there is nothing worse than staring at that blank page just HOPING words will start to magically flow. Any words… any words at all. Once you start writing the rest falls into place. Then you re-write, and re-write again. But it all starts with the first word.

However, that is not my problem. I have plenty of words swirling around in my head. So many are trying to make their way out of my head and onto the page in hopes of becoming a book. No, my problem isn’t the lack of words… it’s the right space to write in.

I have found it best for me to write sitting on my favorite bench at the beach… however it’s overrun with strangers during the summer which makes it hard to concentrate, besides I haven’t been home in weeks!!

My best writing was done while sequestered away in a really nice condo on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC. I woke up each morning ready to write. The ocean waves crashing right outside my window… dolphins playing in the surf… salty air wafting up to my nostrils. Ahhh… relaxing.

For some odd reason I find I can’t write unless I’m around water. No, not just around it, but able to see it, smell it.

At home I have placed a desk in my bedroom window, which faces the lake. I need to purchase a more comfortable chair… but all in all it works.

The photo of the notebook above shows how much I have written since mid July. At this rate my book won’t be finished for YEARS! I guess I should stop beating myself up and enjoy my time off, knowing that when I return home I need to buckle down and… ‘Git ‘er done’!


Dr. Seuss’ Garden – DP#35

Tropical Trumpet


From trumpet shaped tropical flowers to umbrella sized palm fronds… the Atlanta Botanical Gardens has it all!! So many different flowers and foliage reminded me of something you would find in a garden if Dr. Seuss designed it… especially the horn shaped flower above. Doesn’t it look like it should play music???

Pink stripe leavesThen there is the pink striped leaves on this plant. Has The Cat In The Hat been here?

Scattered through out the gardens were living sculptures. Dancing Fish, a Shaggy Dog and more… but the most impressive was The Goddess of Earth. She weighs 29 TONS and is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. Water flows from her out stretched palm.

Goddess of EarthMy mind was running rampant as it composed a future painting… a Dr. Seuss garden. Now if I could only write like him!! Is any one game to try and write a little ditty? Let me know!

Pigs and Peaches – DP#34

Pigs and Peaches

The title above says it all. I kid you not… I actually went to The PIGS and PEACHES FESTIVAL in Kennesaw, GA. Yup… really. Pigs and Peaches. Well… in reality there were plenty of pigs.. as in pork… but I was disappointed at the lack of peaches.

From the moment I parked the car, I could smell the smoke wafting through the air… and I was a half mile away.

Competitors from all over the country come here to win top prizes for the best BBQ, Ribs, and Chicken. The competition is a big deal and sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society (yeah, like I said, a big deal). Trailers with names like ‘Squeals on Wheels’ and ‘Que n Stew’ plastered on the sides filled the festival grounds. Cooking teams proudly wearing matching shirts meander around the grounds waiting for the final judging. The big winner??? Squeals on Wheels (I just LOVE this name)!!!

Festival attendees, like me… get to wipe the drool from our chins while we stand in a long line to get a plate of the the mouth watering BBQ. I opted for the Ribs, with a side of baked beans and slaw. O! M! G! The best I have ever had. Definitely the creme de la creme.

What was I thinking wearing a WHITE shirt to a BBQ Festival??? I am happy to report, not one drop of sauce dripped on me. My tongue worked over time licking the sauce off the corners of my mouth. Generous amounts of wet naps helped clean my sticky hands.

I saved room for a piece of peach pie or peach ice cream for dessert… but couldn’t find any at all. Georgia is known if it’s peaches… and yet I couldn’t find a one. Thankfully I had a carton of Peach frozen yogurt back at the house.

I guess I can add another 1,000 calories to my tally of Eating My Way Through Atlanta.





Time For an Oil Change – DP#33

Varsity Pies


No self respecting person would dare visit the Atlanta area without a trip to THE VARSITY. Known best for it’s singing car hops… The Varsity is the world’s largest drive-in.

The ONION RINGS were the best I have ever tasted in my entire life… greasy, but good. Look closely at the photo below. Do you see any meat on the hamburger bun? No? Well don’t feel bad… there really isn’t enough there to see. It was basically bun, lettuce, and tomato. I realized too late I should have ordered a hotdog… with chili.

Varsity Burger


For dessert I ordered one of the the 5,000 Peach PIes they make each day. YUM!!! Imagine a circle of pie dough, filled with peach pie filling, folded in half, and deep fried.

At the end of the meal I felt like I drank a gallon of oil… and was thankful for the hamburger bun to help soak it up. Over all… another successful dining experience in my quest to eat my through Atlanta.

Rare Sighting in Atlanta – DP#32

The local Fox 5 weather man, Steve Milone just happens to be the son of a classmate of mine. I finally got to see him in action at noon as he reported the SUN would be out today and to expect it to be here for the next few days. I have been down south for almost 3 weeks and this is the very first morning I woke to see the sun.



After my morning walk I decided to pick some fresh flowers from the garden and spruce up the place. Zinnias are my most favorite garden flower and this place has hundreds of them in the side garden. Each year for Mother’s Day I would purchase my mom a package of CUT AND COME AGAIN ZINNIAS… and each year she would watch as I planted them around her birdbath in the back yard.



But I wasn’t done… so I went scissor happy and clipped a few rosebuds from the front of the house. My mom’s pet name for me was ROSEBUD so they are near and dear to my heart (yes  Bill… you remembered correctly… PINK is my favorite color rosebud)



In as much as I enjoy flowers picked from a garden… there is a lot to be said about a bouquet from the grocery store or local florist. I love flowers no matter where they come from. They make me smile.

What is YOUR favorite flower???