Haunting Words – DP#127

It’s been kind of a quiet, ‘low key’ day around here. I finished up my weekly grid for the art journal, watched as a recessed light was installed in the kitchen, checked my elderly ladies, then came home and snuggled with Princess Emma Mae (my grand doggy) in the recliner and read a book.

Have you ever been reading a book, or magazine and a line jumps out at you… and haunts you the rest of the day?? That happened to me today. I am reading the first book in a Nora Roberts’ Trilogy…DARK WITCH. The main character is a modern day witch, in Ireland. She has a falling out with her boyfriend… he breaks her heart. She resigns herself to being single by saying, “She wouldn’t fear what came. And she wouldn’t fear living her life alone if that’s what destiny handed her.”

Those two sentences keep re-playing in the back of my head. There has GOT to be over 70,000 words in this entire book, yet when I finish with it only those specific 19 words above will be what I remember.


In case you are interested… here’s the finished grid. I’m learning a lot with this online art journal course. As the weeks (well, months) go by I hope to improve my drawing abilities.

Grid 11/23 to 30


BTW… Please feel free to marvel at my typing skills. This entire post was typed using only one hand. Princess Emma fell asleep on my left arm and I didn’t want to disturb her.

Turkey Soup – DP#126

Turkey Soup


WOW!!! Speak about an industrial size pot of soup!!! My house still smells like Thanksgiving as I boil down the turkey carcass for the annual pot of Turkey Soup. It looks like once I reduce it down, I’ll still have enough to last all year!!

A witch stirring her cauldron couldn’t be as happy as me when I’m sprinkling in herbs and tossing in vegetables. The steam fogs my glasses and give me a quick facial. My nostrils fill with the heavenly aroma of turkey, onions, celery, and carrots. Ahhhhh….

Last year I used barley as the starch… and the soup tasted *blah*. Kind of like boiled turkey in water with a bunch of barley thrown in. I began throwing all kinds of stuff into the base to jazz it up a bit and ended up with the best tasting soup I have ever made. Now… the Million Dollar Question is… can I repeat it??? Probably not… but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Any suggestions of what goes in YOUR leftover turkey soup??


Thanksgiving – DP#125



Thanksgiving… my favorite holiday of the year. Family, friends and strangers gathering around a table, sharing food and stories. No gifts… except being ‘present’, no politics, no religious differences… just people sharing time with one another… and giving ‘Thanks’ for all they have. Oh how I love this day.

Last night I decided to cook up some cranberry chutney. Mind you… I have never in my life cooked chutney… cranberry or other… but for some reason I felt the need to stray from tradition and make something a little out of the ordinary for the Thanksgiving table. I was stopped in time as I heard the muffled ‘pop’ of the berries in the hot syrup… as I am sure earlier generations have done in the past. The color was ahhhhmazing!!! Too bad my camera couldn’t capture it!.

Today also marks a different way I post these blogs. It will be the last one being shared on FaceBook. I would suggest if you enjoy reading them, you will have to choose to either ‘follow’ the blog via email (just enter your email addy in the space provided in the top right corner of the home page) or check www.debhathaway.com whenever you are in the mood.

I wish you all a bountiful Thanksgiving Feast… and hope your winter holidays are sparkling!!



Princess Emma – DP#124

Princess Emma


Look who’s dog sitting again!!! Look who is a ‘softie’ and allowing Emma Doodle on the new sofa! I’m such a push over!!! Just look at that face!! Who can blame me??

I’ve only been without a dog for 2 weeks… and having puppy withdrawal. I am so happy to have Princess Emma Mae here to keep me company for a few days. There’s nothing better than a warm fur ball snuggling under the bed sheets with you on a cold night. Unless of course they are hogging the bed!!


Magic Carpet – DP#123

Painted journal


Using watercolor paints I colored in my art journal entries… and the leaf to the right.

Today’s addition was the Magic Carpet Monday entry. A few days ago I attended an Estate Sale in a very wealthy shore town near by. I fell in love with the rug in the upstairs bedroom. As I stood there dreaming of how it would look in my house the owner came in the room. Standing side by side we stood silently looking down at the floor. I was admiring the subtle colors… silvery blue, cocoa tan, cantaloupe, and more. She was reminiscing about the good times in that room.

“Are you interested in purchasing this rug?”, she asked.

“Ugh… I would love to…, but it is waaaayyyy out of my budget”, I replied.

She looked me up and down, then suggested I put in an offer. In other words… if no one purchased it during the sale, she would consider my offer. Sheepishly I asked at the checkout for an offer form. I filled in my name and contact information… a price I was able to pay… and a note about how I really loved that rug.

The sale ended yesterday. This morning I got a call from the owner. The rug was all mine if I still wanted it!!! Woo! Hoo!!! I hopped into my car… drove on over to the house and picked up the rug. It now covers my own wooden floors… ready to be a part of the memories to be made in my own home.

The previous owner and I are two very happy women. Magic!

The color is AWFUL… but here is a photo of the rug in my home:

New rug



Daily Art Journal Peek – DP#122

2 page journal


For YEARS I have seen magazine spreads and Internet photos of crazy people’s daily art journals and wondered to myself who in their right mind would do that? Well… I’ve been bitten by the bug and now I am one of those crazies.

Last week I announced I joined an online class… DRAW YOUR AWESOME LIFE… and am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Honing my drawing and sketching skills (or lack there of) in small snippets so I don’t get freaked out staring at a large empty page thinking I have to fill the entire thing all at once is GREAT… and very rewarding!

Above is a photo of a 2 page spread for this week I am working on. Today was cold and windy with leaves swirling in the air… so that is what I drew. The object is to not spend FOREVER on the drawing… just a quick sketch to capture the moment. By the end of the week all seven days will be sketched, inked, and painted. Follow me day by day as this week I share the process… and my journal with you.

Here’s a close up of today’s  drawing…

Blustery Day


And here is a ‘sneak peek’ of a lesson project. The instructions were to draw some items from a current shopping list… and use cross hatching. I still have to paint it…

Food lesson


Why not grab some paper and pen… and join me??

Cat Food For The Holidays – DP#121

cat food


My ‘day job’ consists of checking in on a few elderly women. In the course of a day I might do their laundry, watch as they pay bills, make sure they take their daily medicines, send birthday cards to their loved ones, drive them to doctor appointments, get showered and dressed for the day, and so much more. I never know when I walk in their door what I will have to do for them. It keeps me on my toes… and makes my life interesting.

Food shopping is among my tasks. One of the women has two cats. Purchasing kitty litter and cat food is new to me… but I’m a quick learner. As I stand in the cat food aisle of the store I find I’m scrutinizing the labels… as if I’m going to be eating the stuff!!! If the ingredients don’t sound appetizing to me… then I move on down the aisle and look for something else.

Tuna? Yum! Salmon? Yum! I need to get a grip… they are CATS for heaven’s sake. I have no clue which flavors they like and don’t like. So I throw a bunch of different flavors in the cart and head towards the checkout.

SCREECH! Did I see a can labeled GRAVY LOVERS Roasted Turkey? Hmmm… Thanksgiving is coming up this week. Maybe the cats would enjoy a little Turkey Feast. I grab two cans and add them to my cart. I hope they make a HAM flavor for Christmas!

I’m such a dork!


Cooking For One – DP#120

Mug Cupcake


OK… Cooking for one is officially NO FUN!!!

First off… I don’t even THINK about cooking until I’m S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G. By then I am not feeling creative in the kitchen… nor do I feel like futzing around with all the slicing and dicing for something decent. I begin to rummage around the freezer to see what’s available.

Tonight it was Perogies… YUM! Too hungry to worry about thawing, then frying them in the hot pan with onions… I opt for the fast and easy method of spraying a cookie sheet with PAM and heating them for 15 minutes.

EWWWW! They were HORRIBLE!! So dry and tasteless that mustard didn’t even help. I ate them any way. I had some left over cauliflower from last night… at least that was something.

From surfing PINTEREST I remember seeing something about a cupcake you can make in a mug using the microwave. Grabbing my laptop I tracked down the recipe. I happened to have everything I needed… A box of Angel Food cake mix, and a box of Dark Chocolate cake mix (left over from my past life when I used to be ready to bake a ‘speed cake’).

OK… good to go. I mixed the two cake mixes together… dumped 3 tablespoons into a mug, added 2 tablespoons of water, and zapped it in the microwave for a minute. Affectionately known as a 3-2-1 cake. After cooling for 15 minutes… I took a bite.

Well… let’s just say it wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t good either. It certainly didn’t taste like a yummy cupcake… but considering it only takes 1 minute to make, I couldn’t ask for much. Besides, it tastes better than those horrible Easy Bake Oven cakes from when I was little.

I know I can cook in large batches and freeze in smaller portions for future hunger attacks… but I don’t want to right now. I’m too busy working on the house, remodeling, decorating, building… taking online art classes… going to work daily… sewing quilts… and helping my friend at her bookstore whenever I can. I am not interested in cooking.

I guess I will finally be trimming down… all in all not a bad side effect:-)


Cauliflower… Pro or Con? – DP#119



It’s been a little over a week since I became a full fledged, card carrying member of the Empty Nest club. It’s been a rough transition… but I’m finally beginning to feel I’m adjusting.

This morning I began making a mental Pro/Con list. Things like being able to cook and eat an entire bowl of Cauliflower for dinner is a PRO… Actually, even purchasing the cauliflower and bringing into the house is a pro. The ability to open the backdoor and throw out some trash without worrying the dog will escape is a freedom I never thought I would appreciate so much. Not having to cut a visit short in order to come home and let a dog out. Being able to watch whatever I want on TV… AND sit on the sofa. And so much more!!

The con list is quite long too. Some examples are… having to take the trash out, raking the fallen leaves by myself, hauling stuff to the curb on Bulk Trash Night. There is no one to tell me when my favorite show is on when I am engrossed in a project… or to remind me to eat… or to pick up fast food when I’m not feeling well. No one to share good news with, or talk about my day… and no dog to greet me when I return home (OK… that one goes on the PRO list too).

In the upcoming weeks I’m hoping things will settle down a bit more… and I will ease into my new situation in life. Until then… I’ll keep my eyes and mind open… and adjust with each new revelation.

So… In your world would Cauliflower be a PRO or CON?


No Inspiration – DP#118

Sorry folks… No photo today. I honestly didn’t see an inspiring tidbit today.

After making sure all my little ladies were taken care of this morning… I drove 3 hours to have lunch with my daughter… and shop at IKEA. Followed by a 3 hour drive back home.

My kids are all getting settled in their own lives… as they should… miles apart from me and each other. My extended family is spread all over too. It looks as long as I live near an airport… and have a sturdy, reliable car… It’s all good.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this… not at all. My retirement years were supposed to be filled with family, giggles, driving in convertibles with the love of my life to visit grandchildren who live close by, and Sunday dinners gathered around the dining room table. Well at least that is what all the movies will have you believe… especially the one in my head running a continuous loop.

So here I am… an empty nester… with all the time I want to follow my passions… and I have no inspiration. I guess we all deserve a little ‘down time’. I’m sure tomorrow will be better!!