Hindsight 2013 – Dating

As promised… here’s the last Hindsight post of this year.

I believe in Fairytales. I believe in relationships. I believe every pot has a lid. I don’t believe in dating.

Why? Because it’s stressful and awkward and stilted and a waste of my time. Not that I’m so busy I can’t fit dating in… no… that’s not it. I am not interested in dating, and therefore it becomes a chore.

I pull a lot of guys up short by saying, “I don’t date. I DO however have burgers and fries with friends.” In other words… I would LOVE to go out to eat with them, but it should be some place low key and easy. Simple, enjoyable conversation… and I pay for my own meal. OK… sometimes I let that last part slide, it depends on who the dining companion is.

Some people say I don’t look my age… and that really becomes a problem when trying to date. Most potential suitors are about 10 to 15 years my junior. As not to create an embarrassing situation, I thank them profusely, try to guess their age, then tell them I am most likely closer to their mother in age than themselves.

I can hear you all now… “What’s the problem with that? You should have gone out with them.” Well… I’ll tell you… I threw caution to the wind one time and DID go out with a younger guy. It was boring… with a capital B! We had absolutely NOTHING in common. Conversation became difficult after an hour… even for ME.

One guy asked me out just because he couldn’t believe I would say yes. We met via an online service. I didn’t pay for the upgrade and had no idea what he looked like. His emails were nice, he sounded educated… his phone conversation was entertaining and interesting… so we met for coffee. Really nice guy! He was astonished that I agreed to meet him without seeing a photo. I explained looks weren’t that important to me… it’s what’s on the inside that matters, and of course how you treat me. I thought we hit it off well. I Never heard from him again.

Apparently I attract married men. After a long conversation one day with a nice guy, he asked me out. “Um… aren’t you married?” I asked.

“Yes, I am. My wife and I have an agreement,” he replied.

“Oh. Does SHE know that?”

One friend asked if I have been on any dates lately. I replied, “No. Just dinner with some friends.” He then asked, “Were these friends guys?” To which I replied, “Yes.” He howled in laughter and said, “Darlin’, that’s what you call a date!” I didn’t tell him all the guys were just friends in the true sense of the word. They are all married… which in my world means HANDS OFF.

Well meaning friends say, “I have the PERFECT guy for you.” Trust me… you don’t.

I am NOT a one night stand kind of girl. I know some guys don’t like that… but I don’t care. My kids were raised to that high standard… and I follow my own advise. I’ve fought my way out of enough tough situations I should earn a heavyweight title belt. To me ‘dating’ doesn’t mean jumping in to bed… it means getting to know each other. As I said to one guy… “If that’s all you want, get a hooker. I’m not your girl.”

I know it sounds like I’m picky… and I guess I am. I would like someone to share my life… to have an honest relationship. All the good, bad, and baggage. I want someone to bring me chicken soup when I have a cold, or bring home a bouquet of flowers for no reason. I want to create a special surprise dinner for him after a hard day; or give them a back rub when they are tense. I want someone to tell me I’m wrong, and take the time to calmly explain why. I want someone who will always answer the phone when I call; make sure I eat when engrossed in a project, and broaden my world, as I will his. I want someone to lean on me when they can’t stand on their own. I want that electric shock that goes through your body when he grabs your hand. I want the fairytale.

So… although dating is certainly worth it’s gold in entertainment value, and I understand that you have to date in order to ever THINK you will end up in a relationship… I still would rather stay home.

The old saying of, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming” hangs in the back of my head. You know what? I’ve already kissed Prince Charming. I don’t want to kiss any more frogs.

Call me old fashioned, even a romantic… but I plan to continue to live in my fantasy world, in my glass castle. If Prince Charming comes knocking at my door… I promise I will answer.

And that concludes the HINDSIGHT portion of this blog. Daily Photo will continue tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

The Color White!!! – DP#146

I had a Hindsight 2013 post on DATING all set and ready to publish today… but this afternoon was so much fun I decided to post IT instead. I’ll post the DATING Hindsight tomorrow. And here you thought New Year’s Eve would be boring ;-O

I took a L-O-N-G walk earlier today. Listening to a book on tape… James Patterson’s Guilty Wives (Thanks for the suggestion Natascha)… I was all the way at the beach before I realized it. YIKES! Walking in the door back home I felt invigorated!! I had to do something else besides sitting at the computer and typing. So… I got busy!

What do these three things have in common?

White Collage


They are all things I did today… and they are all WHITE! Just a co-inky dink I assure you… unless I have a deep desire for SNOW!

First up… If you are a FaceBook friend, you know I made star ornaments covered in crushed shells from the Jersey Shore beaches. I used a wooden star as the base. I needed to develop a more economical base so I could offer them to brides as wedding favors… and make a profit. A bit of searching on PINTEREST and I found a recipe for clay. I played around with it and so far it seems to be the answer.

Second… I got hungry. Not wanting to take much time away from ‘creating’ I chopped up the head of cauliflower in my refrigerator, drizzled it with olive oil, sprinkled salt and pepper on it… and roasted it. LUNCH!! It only took a few minutes… and the oven heated up to bake the clay stars. Win! Win!

Third… and the most fun of all!! Raise your hand if you remember those little pillow mints from yester-year. You know the ones I mean… butter mints! Covered in powdered sugar, they melted in your mouth, and if you were really lucky you would find TWO stuck together. OK… you can put your hands down now.

Well… I made some!!! They are just as wonderful as I remember! Melt on your tongue goodness! Currently they are sitting out on my counter overnight to harden up a bit. I keep walking in there and snitch one (or two). I hope there are some left to share tomorrow. (Yes Ian, I will send you some as a Thank You for posting the recipe on FaceBook).

So there you have it… a very full day!! It’s time for me to settle down and enjoy a glass of wine after a long, busy day.

WHITE… of course! CHEERS!

White Wine


Hindsight 2013 – Empty Nest

I will always remember the date I officially became an empty nester… 11-12-13.

Knowing full well that my life had drastically changed on the day of my first child’s birth back in 1980… never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be 33 years before I got my life back to myself.

Years ago when the kids were little I used to do a slow burn when my husband would say to a friend, “Give me a call and we’ll play a round of golf this week.” Really?

One day I mentioned to him how upset that made me feel. My first discussion point was… if he could take time off to play golf with a buddy, then why couldn’t he take time off to do something with ME during the week… like come home for lunch once in a while? Secondly, I was jealous!! If I wanted to take an afternoon off to do something with a friend it would be very difficult. All of my friends had kids too… they would have to do just as much schedule juggling as I would to make it happen. Whereas our husbands simply cleared their desk and walked out the door… having no real responsibility during the day.

Our discussion ended when he turned the conversation around by admitting he was jealous of me! What??? Why would he be jealous of me??? His view was that someday the kids wouldn’t need me… and then I would be free ALL DAY to do whatever I wanted. Huh! Well, that was certainly eye opening. I guess he forgot that I also worked, and would need to continue to do so until all college tuitions and weddings were paid for.

As it ended up… I continued to work to pay his medical bills in addition to everything else. I’m not complaining… just wondering when this mythical day where I could do whatever I wanted ALL DAY would occur.

It finally arrived on 11-12-13… the day my last child left the nest.

I can’t say I love it. So many people told me I would learn to revel in the quiet. I would be able to read a book with no interruptions… choose to eat whatever I wanted without giving a thought to someone else’s likes and dislikes. I’ll admit those tally in the plus column. The negative is that I am afraid of growing old rapidly. I have no one around to discuss current events, show me funny viral videos, cheer during an Eagles football game, or suggest I watch a movie I never thought I would like.

Since I don’t work on Sundays and Mondays, it is possible I can stay in my house and not have contact with any human being either in person or via phone for 70 hours straight!!

I thought about getting a job to fill in the days and get me out into the world… but when I sit down and figure out how much money it will cost me to do that, I realize it’s not a smart move. Yes, it will actually COST me money to go to work… plus curtail my trips and travel.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to do… I do. I work in the mornings, handle finances for a family member, quilt for donations, work on home renovations, take online art classes and am writing a book… to name a few. During the day I am extremely busy. None of those activities however require interaction with other humans. By 8PM I CRAVE someone to talk to, to share my day with, to share dinner with.

It’s only been a month and a half. Maybe I will get used to it. But I doubt it. I’m a ‘people person’ by nature, so being by myself for such long stretches of time is kind of like serving a prison sentence in solitary confinement. It’s not something you get used to.

Hindsight 2013 – Travel

I did a bunch of traveling this past year. Some was obligatory, some was work related, and some was for pure fun. All of it was exciting.

In addition to simply ‘running away from home’… I like to explore new places and see new things… especially in the USA. Drive, fly, bike, or walk… makes no difference to me… as long as I get to see something new.

Thanks to friends and family I was able to travel like royalty, staying in the best places… yet on a pauper’s bank roll. I don’t personally own a timeshare, yet I benefit as some owners received bonus weeks, and others simply couldn’t use all their allotted time… which they generously passed on to me as long as I paid the exchange rate.

All in all I had a wonderful time wherever I went. However… I learned I really dislike traveling by myself. I am not shy… not by any stretch of the imagination, and easily make conversation wherever I go. While in an Arizona bar I struck up a conversation with a local couple, who told me about all the ‘off the beaten path’ places I HAD to see. One of them was a hiking trail up to a strong vortex. As I parked the car in the lot I noticed another single female walking towards the trail and offered to ‘buddy up’ with her. She was thrilled. It turned out this was her first hike since her knee surgery. She kept me moving!!! When things got tough climbing I would remind myself, “If she can do it with her recovering knee… then so can I!”

After the hike we parted ways. I continued on to phase two of the beautiful day the local couple laid out for me. I was to go to a specific roof top bar at sunset, named View 180… grab a Prickly Pear Margarita and watch as the red rocks BLAZED themselves to sleep. OH! What a spectacular sight!!! Just an hour before I was climbing those very rocks… and now I was watching as they turned every shade of red, maroon, and purple. AWESOME!

There was no one to share this experience with. I was the only one in the place… well, except for the wait staff. I decided right there and then that I HATED traveling by myself. Yes, I would remember this sight for as long as I live… but the ‘people person’ side of me wanted so desperately to share this moment with someone.

2014 is filling fast with travel plans… but all trips have a purpose and a travel buddy, or at the very least someone to visit at the other end. I just won’t be taking any trips to vacation destinations by myself any time soon.

Hindsight 2013 – PTSD

I think I’ve pretty much got a hold on this PTSD thing. Sadly this is an un-curable condition, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled.

I had a few attacks in the beginning of the year… and handled them quite nicely without the benefit of medication. As the year progressed I learned how to recognize an attack BEFORE it fully hit, and can begin evasive measures.

For example… last week I was eating lunch at a local establishment when a PTSD trigger hit (first one since last July). I noticed my foot begin to tap and heart rate increase… and immediately went into survival mode. I began chatting with the young woman sitting next to me, diverting my attention to her instead of the trigger. Within moments my attack was averted and I was able to enjoy my meal. I’ve come a long way… a year ago I would have left enough money on the table and RUN.

It isn’t always that easy. There might be a time when a trigger occurs and my reaction is immediate, with no warning sign. In those cases my fight-or-flight response gets mixed up and I usually get up and run to a door. In reality I haven’t had that happen in over two years. If one should happen… I wouldn’t get upset.  I’d laugh at myself… because it really IS funny!!!

Living a calm and stress free life has really been the best prescription. My mood swings have all but disappeared… especially the anger. Hyper-vigilance has also subsided (AKA ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’). A full night’s sleep has become the norm as opposed to the exception.

I am thrilled to be medication free. The many side effects of the prescribed medication was getting on my nerves. No more piercing headaches, no more dry mouth, no longer would I immediately get sleepy… or stare into space like a zombie. Reading incorrect words kept me from enjoying a good book, and the terrifying nightmares scared the sh** out of me. All of that is in my rearview mirror.

My decision to go off the ‘meds’ wasn’t an easy one. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone with PTSD… without talking to your doctor first. My thought process was that PTSD is basically a brain chemistry malfunction. When a trigger occurs, chemicals in the brain are released that cause the problems. I felt if I were able to control the release of the chemical, then I could control the PTSD. In my case… it happened to work.

Life is good!!

Hindsight 2013 – Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

As New Year’s Eve approaches, I thought I would spend these next few days ‘re-capping’ the past year, tying up loose ends, filling in the blanks, and reflecting on a few events. When January 1st arrives I will be fresh and ready to meet the new year with gusto… and will continue my DAILY PHOTOS.

The old saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” has never been more truer than the case of my BED BUG attack. I am happy to say I fought a hard fight… and I WON!!!

When I first realized the little critters scooting across my bed were actually bed bugs, I freaked!! I panicked! I called an exterminator and willingly emptied my bank account to make these bugs disappear. Looking back… I see I over reacted BIG TIME.

In reality there was no reason to call in an exterminator. First and foremost… these bugs do not carry disease. Other than sucking your blood and leaving a small bite (which by the way I never encountered), they are harmless. They are annoying, multiply rapidly, spread rampantly and seem to live forever… but they don’t hurt you. Yes, I know… KNOWING something is crawling over you while you sleep IS CREEPY… but it won’t kill you.

I seriously doubt I will ever see another bed bug in my house… but if I do, this is how I would banish the little suckers…

Realize that it is going to take some effort and elbow grease to get rid of these bugs yourself. If money is no object, and you are either lazy OR a princess… call the exterminator. Otherwise head to the dollar store and purchase the following… Black plastic trash bags, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, a toothbrush, paper towels, and two small spray bottles.

Then go to your local hardware store or building supply store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc) and purchase a Bed Bug room fogger (usually cost about $10 for a package of 2 or 3), and a roll of double sided carpet tape.

Now it’s time to do battle!!!

These little guys are not going to be happy with you messing with them, and will try to move on to another room and settle in. Nothing is off limits for them… another bed, a sofa, a comfy chair. They are not fussy about where they go. So… stop them from traveling around the house by placing a line of carpet tape on the floor at your bedroom door. They get stuck to the tape as they try to cross it… ick.

Place all bedding, pillows, clothing that was on the floor, stuffed animals, area rugs etc. in black trash bags BEFORE removing from the room. Wash whatever you can on the hottest water setting and then cook them in the dryer. If you can’t wash an item… TAPE the bag shut… and place outside in a sunny location for a few days. HEAT kills them.

Fog the room. Following the directions on the box, place a fogger on a table in the middle of the room (protect the floor with a black trash bag), set it off, close the bedroom door and leave the house for the day. Take your pets with you!!

If you don’t want to use chemicals in your home… you can skip this step, but you will have to work harder on the next steps… being extremely diligent and knowing live bugs will be lurking in places you might not be able to get to.

Now it’s time to use that elbow grease! Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!! Vacuum the mattress and box spring paying close attention to the folds and creases in the corners and under the trim around the edges. Vacuum the floors and base boards… really getting down on your hands and knees and sucking up everything you can. Don’t forget to vacuum behind your dressers too… and your closet floor.

Immediately remove the vacuum bag… TAPE IT SHUT… and throw it in the outside trash NOW!

Pour rubbing alcohol into one spray bottle and the hydrogen peroxide in the other. Gather your paper towels and toothbrush and get to work. Use the rubbing alcohol on the base boards. Make sure you spray in every crack and crevice… wipe down with a paper towel. Throw all towels immediately in a trash bag. The baby bugs are so tiny you can barely see them… and you don’t want them crawling around and hiding somewhere else.

Using the hydrogen peroxide… spray all the little black marks on your mattress and box spring. Magic will happen in a few moments as the marks disappear and your mattress will look brand new. Again, pay close attention to the folds, creases, and under the trim on the edges. This is where the little guys love to hang out. Using the toothbrush, scrub in those hiding places.

Don’t freak… but a bug or two might crawl out from hiding as you do this. I kept the tape near by at all times with a small piece already torn off the roll. Whenever I spotted a bug I smacked him with the tape, folded it over him and threw it in the trash.

You should be feeling pretty ‘bug free’ right about now… but don’t let your guard down. There are still a few of them alive hiding somewhere in your room.

If you used a fogger, they will eventually die in a day or two. If you didn’t… then repeat the above cleaning each day for a few more days.

Now… here’s the part you aren’t going to like… but trust me, it’s important. You MUST sleep in the bed that night. Why??? Because these bugs are attracted by the Carbon Dioxide you exhale at night. They know when you are in your deepest sleep mode and come to feed then. But I have a solution to sleeping without getting freaked out.

I slept in a long sleeved turtle neck with yoga pants and socks. I also created a ‘safe trap’… using the double sided carpet tape, I taped the floor around my bed. Yes, I felt like a sacrificial lamb… but it worked. I slept soundly… and I caught a few bugs on the tape.

Oh… for extra measure I also taped around my son’s bed in the next room. No bugs ever showed up in there… but I wanted to be sure.

If you used the fogger… then I suggest you fog one more time in a few weeks. It can’t hurt.

I also kept the roll of tape handy. Over the course of a week I caught four more bugs. Then not one ever again.

I have hardwood floors and therefore didn’t have to deal with carpeting thank heavens. I’m guessing the fogging, and diligent vacuuming paired with steam cleaning would be the answer to that problem.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! I believe the bed bugs hitched a ride in my suitcase while traveling. I am now extremely careful to NOT put my suitcase on the bed in a hotel. I also place my already worn Pjs in a plastic ziplock bag AND when I get home I place my suitcase in a black plastic bag and leave it outside for a day in the sun before bringing it in the house.

I am happy to say I have been free of all bugs since I followed the above. While fogging, I also fogged the basement using a special can made especially for spiders and crickets. I haven’t seen anything creeping or crawling in 3 months. Ahhhh… so nice.

Bottom line??? Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on an exterminator until you have tried to get rid of them yourself. Stay calm, and work hard. If I can do it, so can you.

Christmas 2013 – DP#145



All the presents were wrapped with care… taking 3 days to wrap, tag, and tie each one. It took 15 minutes to plow through them all and create one gigantic trash pile. Ahhh… Christmas.

Our family gathers on Christmas Eve to celebrate before scattering in all directions to celebrate with the ‘other’ sides. Three years ago was the first Christmas Day I had to spend entirely on my own… in my quiet house. I remember crying most of the day.

Last year I was much more comfortable with the idea… and enjoyed the day. THIS year… I am looking forward to having a nice quiet day, throwing a log on the fire and reading a book… AFTER I get home from work.

Last week I made the decision NOT to get a tree. My very first Christmas EVER without one. As an empty nester I had no desire to go through all the trouble just for myself. I’ll be honest… last week it sounded like a good decision… tonight, not so much. I miss the smell, the lights, the closer furniture placement that has to be made to squeeze it in. I am sure in a day I will go back to thanking my lucky stars I don’t have to deal with taking it down… vacuuming up the needles… and having to readjust to that ’empty’ look in the house again.

Today’s photo is of the jolly man himself… Santa Claus. This hand painted portrait has held a place of honor every Christmas since I was 2 years old. At the time we had a regular babysitter as my mom worked. The sitter not only painted it, but generously presented it to my mom as a gift.

Years ago my mom passed it on to me… and I have proudly displayed it each year at Christmas.

I might not have a tree this year, but I DO have Santa watching down on me… and plenty of loving friends and family  🙂

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

*UPDATE* – My son reminded me he was home last Christmas… and although we can’t for the life of us remember what we did that day, he knows for certain I wasn’t alone. Hmmmm… I can blame my lack of short term memory on old age… WHAT is HIS excuse?




Target and Toilet – DP#144



TargetAAARRRGGGGGGHHH!!! I can’t seem to win the lottery, yet apparently I am one of the lucky 40,000 people who’s debit card got caught in the crossfire of the Target debacle!!

I was in Home Depot this morning purchasing a new toilet seat (more on that later)… when my debit card was declined. “Whaaatttt????” No way my card should have been declined for a $24.95 purchase!!! Perplexing… but not a huge deal… I paid cash and drove home.

Opening my inbox I noticed a message from my bank. My card was identified as one that may be compromised and therefore they cancelled the card and issued a new one… which should be delivered in 7 to 10 business days. REALLY???? Hellooooo!!! It’s Christmas!!! That’s information I wish I had gotten BEFORE I went shopping today.

Hmmmm… I heard on the news that debit cards should not be affected. No pin numbers were available. I guess that’s not the case after all. I’m starting to think this Target thing is bigger than they are letting on. What do you think???

Now… for the toilet seat story…

I had a shelf hung over the guest bathroom toilet.See?

Bathroom shelf


I measured the shelf so it would be the perfect height to hold the old, vintage window I used to have over the kitchen sink. It was steady. I knew I had to secure it to the wall ‘just in case’. The nail I needed was in the basement… so down the stairs I hopped.

Meanwhile…. I was doing a load of laundry, which backs up to the bathroom. Yup… I bet you can figure out what happened next. The washer went into spin cycle… which rattled the wall, which rocked the window, which crashed to the floor… and broke the toilet seat on the way down. CCCRRAAASSSHHHH!


The silver lining in all of this is… the new toilet seat has only ONE easy to clean hinge instead of two. YIPPIE!

Another fun day here at the old homestead.


A Tale of Two Quilts – DP#143

When I decided to make quilts for Hurricane Sandy Families it was very freeing for me. I had amassed a lot of favorite fabrics over the years and this was a way for me to put it all to good use. Rarely do I know anything at all about the recipient. If a friend of a friend asks me to make a quilt for someone the MOST information I get is… “They are a close knit family with three kids”… OR… “The quilt is for a husband and wife, in their early sixties, he likes to fish and she likes cats.” More commonly however, I get no information at all. I have total creative control over the entire project from beginning to end. I choose the design, the fabric, the backing, batting, border and final stitching… and cross my fingers the recipient/s will love it as much as I do.

If I am making a quilt for an organization such as Quilts of Valor… I need to follow their loose guide lines of using Red, White, and Blue fabric with a patriotic design. Again… I still have total control over the creative process… as long as I follow the concept.

Well… this Holiday Season my world got turned upside down. Two special quilts caught me off guard and had me looking at sewing in a whole new light.


Someone I know personally contacted me about making a quilt out of her son’s band shirts. “Sure”, I replied. My mind began planning the quilt before the shirts even arrived. First step would be to get a look at the school colors, and the mascot… then move on from there. I received a plastic bag of shirts a week later and when I opened the bag my jaw dropped to the floor!!!

What I saw before me was nothing but black shirts with names like Mayhem, Doom, Metallica, and others. OH MY!!!! Not at all what I expected. YIKES! Now what?  I took a deep breath… re-arranged my thinking… rolled up my sleeves and got to work. My heart just wasn’t into it. I went through the motions cutting up the shirts and tried my best to get enthused… but it just wasn’t happening.

I plodded through and eventually the top was finished, and ready to have the actual quilting done. I dragged my feet. The black and grey was depressing. I had no clue where to even begin. One day I sat down at my sewing machine, resolute to finish this thing and get it the heck out of my house. Ick!!

Placing the quilt under the presser foot, I sighed. Slowly I started stitching… black thread on grey fabric… blah. My mind went on cruise control. Thinking about the recipient of this quilt… a young man in his early twenties. He wouldn’t want a prissy, perfectly executed quilt. The light bulb over my head flashed BRIGHT… like a neon sign!! My hands started moving on their own in a different pattern. All the rules I have learned about quilting flew out the window. Leaving raw edges frayed, not following a straight line… the quilt was telling me what to do!!!

It turned out AWESOME!!! Edgy!! Perfect for a guy his age. Nothing at all what I envisioned when I first received the call about making the quilt.

I know his mother, the client… loved it. I can’t wait to hear his reaction!!!

Edgy Quilt 1


A young woman called and explained her father passed away 4 years ago, he always wore polo shirts, was a ham radio operator with a call sign… and asked if I would possibly consider making a memorial quilt out of his shirts as a surprise Christmas gift for her mother. Again I answered, “Sure.” And again I began designing the quilt before seeing the shirts. I envisioned ham radio logos, graphics, call signs and such. I was excited to get started.

The shirts arrived, I opened the bag, I pulled the shirts out and saw regular, plain, solid colored, well worn and well loved polos. Remnants of the life of a loved one… and this person, whom I have never met, trusted me to make something wonderful of them. Speak about PRESSURE!

I learned my lesson from the previous quilt. Let the shirts speak to me. Let the quilt design itself. “I am just the instrument”, became my constant mantra.

The first thing I did was to dump the shirts out onto my dining table and mix them up in a huge messy pile. With no preconceived plan, and a pair of scissors in my hand… I started cutting up the shirts. My heart was racing, not knowing what my hands were going to do… but I let them do what they wanted… and WOW was I amazed at the result!!!

Being guided by some other force… I cut and sewed, and sewed and cut until I finally came up for air. Shirt fabric flying left and right, I felt like Edward Scissorhands!  Again… this quilt designed itself… and I couldn’t have been more pleased!!

The block I am most proud of is the one with the CALL SIGN. The young woman told me the story of how her dad came to her in a dream and told her the call letters… W3GWW. I sewed a block of stripes, then appliqued the letters. Zigzagging around each one brought back memories of the hours and hours I spent sewing High School Band jackets and hundreds of ice hockey jerseys ‘back in the day’. I still have the skills!! Woo! Hoo!

Call sign


Quilt 2

I am honored to play a small part in the these families Christmases. Both will have an heirloom to treasure forever… and I helped to make it happen.

And THAT is what makes Christmas special to me!!!

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!!

Quilt 2 pinned 


Goodfellow Pie Day!!! – DP#142

Spinach Pie


About a week ago my friend from Australia sent me a FaceBook message inviting me to join GOODFELLOW PIE DAY!!!

Here’s the deal…

……..Hey Deb just added you to the Goodfellows pie day on the 20th Dec. Its the day that all the members from all over the world make a pie. The tradition started about 7 years ago when a friend, Matt Goodfellow, from England was staying at Danielle’s ( my daughters) house and decided to make dinner which was a pie. Cam Dans husband stated that that was the best pie ever decreeing that the 20th December there forth should be Goodfellow pie day. it started with 4 people making pies on that day and now the membership has grown to 50 all over the world. So I hope you will join this tradition. make a pie take a photo of it and Matt will critique your pie. It is fun. Look at the FB page….

So today is December 20th!!! I baked a Spinach and Cheese Pie, with garlic and onions. YUUUUUMMMMM!!!! I did the USA proud!!!