I know this is the month of L-O-V-E… but I’m not talking about THAT kind of passion. I’m talking today about the kind of enthusiasm some people display when they are excited about something.

I am constantly in AWE of people who show no fear or shame in sharing their passion to the outside world. Like the guy in Indiana who so strongly likes model airplanes that he has them mounted on 8 foot poles and plants them in is back yard… which can be seen from the highway. I’ve passed his plane numerous times on my travels from Kentucky to Arkansas, but never stopped to snap a picture for myself.

Model planes

Or the person in New Jersey who collects plastic rocking horses and fastens them to the chain link fence surrounding their corner property. Again… no photo, but I am sure you can use your imagination.

Or the man in New York so excited about his sewing he proudly shows it off by wearing a colorful creation around town.

Man in Quilted Coat


(Photo Credit for above by: Brandon Stanton. His book and Facebook blog… Humans of New York is AWESOME!!!)

These creative people are really no different from the families who outrageously decorate for Christmas… except their displays are permanent and personal instead of seasonal.

A few days ago I was traveling around the outskirts of Atlanta and got a wee bit lost. The area was beginning to look a little ‘sketchy’. I called on the all knowing Siri to help me back on the right path. She sent me down a narrow, twisty road in an old neighborhood, which to me looked like a dead end. When I spotted as UPS truck going in the same direction I calmed down. The road was flanked by older bungalows.  Each home was unique. Cars and trucks parked on both sides of the street required my full attention so as not to side swipe any of them. All of a sudden the road came to a sharp left, then right, zigzag. As I turned the steering wheel to the left… I slammed on the brakes and stopped right there in the middle of the street. To my left was the most adorable house, fencing all around the property, draped in  Mardi Gras Beads!!! I just HAD to snap a photo (causing a traffic jam in the process).

House of BEADS

Wow! What passion! What a statement!! Look closely… they are even hanging from the ceiling fans! I don’t know WHAT message the homeowner is trying to convey… but the glittering beads caught my attention and made me smile. The house looks happy. I have to wonder if the people inside are fun loving party goers. One thing’s for sure… it is certainly easy to tell their house apart from all the others when giving directions.

I would love to paint a picture of this house… or at the very least the gate. If I could remember where I was, I would send the family a note with a copy of the painting letting them know how they brightened my day. Sadly… I have no clue where I was.

A wrong turn usually leads to an amazing adventure… and so far I have always found my way home 🙂

What is YOUR passion?? Do you share it with the public somehow?


Love… Say it, live it, UNCONDITIONALLY

Puppies and quote


I can’t decide if I chose this graphic because of the Oscar Wilde quote… or the adorable, tug at your heartstrings puppies.

The quote reminds me of how I was raised. It didn’t matter who asked me out on a date… I HAD to accept. Having two older brothers I saw it takes a lot of courage to ask a girl out.. and unless I had some major reason to decline, then I had to go out. My mom told me I would never get to know what a person was really like unless I took the time to get to know them… one on one. She was right of course. And because of that sage advice I met a lot of interesting and wonderful people. I was a full-grown adult when finally one sang a song only I could hear.

Only ONCE did I ever decline a first date… and that’s because the guy was eating a paper napkin when he asked. Yes… a napkin. The entire time he was talking to me he was tearing off small pieces of napkin, chewing them, then SWALLOWING. ICK!!! For reasons I still don’t understand… I just couldn’t get past that.

Another Oscar Wilde quote I love…

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Do YOU believe in unconditional love???? I do. I live it each and every day. Loving someone and not expecting anything in return is so gratifying!! I have learned that if I love you… you don’t even have to love me back. Heck… you don’t have to LIKE me either. It doesn’t change my way of thinking. My love is given unconditionally. My kids, brothers, lots of family members, friends, and ‘special someones’ all benefit. If they don’t know I love them… I had better start telling them more.

There are so many ways to say, I LOVE YOU. “Put on your seatbelt”, “Wear a jacket”, “Here, taste this cupcake”, “Have a nice day”… are all great examples. Listen with your heart and I am sure you will hear little love notes all the time. Don’t forget to throw some of your own out into the air.

How has your month of LOVE been going for you? By the sound of the emails I have been getting at least I know some of you out there are trying… and your hard work is paying off. In the beginning of the month I commented I would be happy if only one couple were able to rekindle a low burning flame. I am thrilled to report that THREE, yes, THREE couples have been helped by my posts and are on their way to a stronger and better relationship!!! Look…. I’m doing the ‘Happy Dance’!!!


I love you all!!! Have a wonderful day!



Cinderella On A Budget

Don’t you just HATE it when you are told you are expected to attend a black tie event… only two days in advance??? Seriously! That is information I would have loved to have had BEFORE I packed for my trip… NOT to find out the day I arrive.

Last night I went to bed wondering what magic I could perform to make my black slacks and white shirt pass for dressy enough attire to attend VEGAS in VININGS… a Denim to Diamonds event.

When I awoke, I realized I had designed a necklace in my sleep. “Eureka! All I needed was a ‘statement’ piece to dress up my outfit!” I knew I just HAD to get to Michael’s Arts and Crafts and buy beads and wire to make this thing. I wasn’t looking forward to wire wrapping all the beads I had in mind… and decided a shortcut was in order. So… I headed to Charming Charlie’s ( a fabulous, yet inexpensive costume jewelry store) and found the PERFECT bracelet for only $10!!!!! However… I needed a necklace, not a bracelet. So I wound up at Michael’s anyway and purchased some chain. With the use of a pair of needle nose pliers… I was able to turn that bracelet into the necklace in my dream… and kept the cost under $14.00!!!!

bracelet and tools





Next… shoes! I only packed sneakers… and that wasn’t going to cut it. First I shopped in my sister-in-law’s closet. I found a pair of shoes that fit… but weren’t perfect, but would be good as a back up if all else failed. Then I hit up DSW… and found the PERFECT black shoes… ON SALE… for a total of $25!!! Woo! Hoo!!

A little makeup, a little extra time with my hair… and Cinderella is ready for the BALL!

Eating Solo

Dinner wareAt what point in our lives does eating meals at a table become out of style???

I don’t know about you… but I was raised to eat all meals gathered around the table. We didn’t have a kitchen table, so the dining room table became the ‘hub’ of our meal time… breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if mom wasn’t home from work yet, my brothers and I ate at the table without her. It was my job to set it… day in and day out.

When melamine, stainless steel, and margarine were all the rage… our family ate off china with silverware and smeared real butter on our rolls. We weren’t trying to be snobby… it’s all we owned. There was no money in the budget to purchase the current trend. Besides… all of the family silver came from my mom judiciously saving box tops from the butter packaging. Sending in the required number of tops and a few bucks got you a fork. (My thriftiness is genetic I see).

Eventually I had a family of my own… where all meals were eaten ‘en masse’ gathered around the kitchen table. The fancy dining room table was used only on holidays… or for entertaining ‘grown ups’. The china and silver was used only once or twice a year… as unbreakable Corelle and stainless utensils were more practical daily dish ware.

This morning I watched as the elderly women I visit each day took their breakfast out of the kitchen and into the living room… where they immediately switched on the TV. Each kitchen is outfitted with a table and chairs. Both had pretty window views, and one of them had a radio on the ledge. I was there to keep them company and provide conversation. Yet both grabbed their dishes and utensils and walked into the other room to eat.

Now that I’m an empty nester… I notice I also by-pass the kitchen AND dining room tables to eat in the living room.

Knowing eating is a ‘social’ activity… I understand the reason for eating in front of the TV if no one else is around. However… I personally think I need to be more mindful of what I’m eating. Enjoy the moment. Savor the flavor.

What about YOU? Where do you eat your meals? On your lap or at a table?

One Degree From Jimmy Fallon

Tonight begins a new era in TV land… Jimmy Fallon takes over as host of The Tonight Show… and brings it back to New York City. How exciting!!!

In my humble opinion Jimmy Fallon is not only talented and funny… but he is so sweet you could just pinch his cheek. He comes across as the guy next-door. I’d LOVE to be his neighbor.

In the fashion of 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon… I can say I’m only 1 degree from Jimmy Fallon. A few years ago Dr. Oz noticed Jimmy had a mole on his hand and made arrangements to have it removed on air by Dr. Arthur Perry. Dr. Perry also removed a mole from my face just months before. I’ll be honest… when I watched that particular show I think I was more impressed that I knew Dr. Perry than to think of who he was operating on.

Good Luck Jimmy Fallon!!! I’ll be watching!!


I won’t be posting for a few days. If I don’t make it back in time for Friday… have a wonderful, love filled, spectacular Valentine’s Day!!!

Remember… make the effort! If you loved them once… you can love them again. If you have your eye on someone and they are unattached… then go for the GOLD! If you are already in a loving relationship… Look into their eyes and remind them you are their one and only! And if you’re single like me??? Know that you are in good company and go do something nice for yourself!!

Spread the love!

Reach Out And Touch Someone



Touching, hugging, and holding hands…

I had already written a post on hugging and touching which I planned to put up this week… when all of a sudden on CBS Sunday Morning News this week there was an entire segment on the topic. I had to laugh. Great minds think alike.

There are people all over the country who charge $60 an hour to cuddle with you. Psychologists, researchers, and authorities have been saying for years how important touching and human contact is to us and our well-being.

These professional ‘cuddlers and snugglers’ provide a valuable service. There are ground rules… nothing sexual, clothes stay on, everyone must be comfortable, no kissing. Simply hugging and cuddling. Standing up, laying down… whatever the customer wants.

I get it. I TOTALLY get it!!! When I’ve had a rough day a huge hug is exactly what is needed to make things all right. No one has to speak, I’m not expecting any one to ‘fix’ my problems… just CONNECT. That’s it… human connection. That is one of the largest draw backs to being single.

Although personally cuddling and snuggling with a total stranger would creep me out… I can see how others might find it OK. Let’s just say this is not a job I’m going to run right out and sign up for.

Researchers have found that the simple act of holding hands can lower heart rate and blood pressure… in addition to boosting your immune system and relieving pain. Wow!! All that from simply holding hands.

Another fascinating fact about touching… experts followed sports teams, football and basketball. They counted how many times the players touched each other during a game and in practice. The teams that touched the most did the best and scored the most points during the season. Amazing!!

Your exercise this week is to make every effort to touch your significant other. Grab their hand every chance you get… no, don’t just grab it… walk hand in hand. Sneak up behind them and wrap your arms around them and pull them into your embrace. In bed lightly run your fingers up and down their bare arm… or their cheek. Expect absolutely NOTHING in return.

Huddle up and cuddle up this month… and see what a huge difference it makes in your relationship!

The Teddy Bear Must Die!!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… so if you are going to give a gift you had better start thinking about it NOW!! The best gifts EVER come from the heart… and the best news of all is that the really special gifts hardly empty your wallet. If you were to ask people what their most favorite Valentine gift was… I bet the first thing that came to mind would NOT be A Dozen Long Stemmed Roses (Frugal hint… they are usually half price on the 15th).

Remember… this is your special ‘someone’. Unless he/she hinted at something specific… then it’s time you thought ‘outside the box’.

Statistics expect over 223 million roses will be given to loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Really? Would that make your significant other feel special? One in 223 million???

And don’t even THINK about Pajama-grams or Vermont Teddy Bears… unless you are 100% certain that will make your sweetie swoon with delight.

Sometimes ‘less is more’. Instead of a huge floral bouquet.. how about one single, spectacular, perfect rose? Or… rose petals strewn over the bed, or better yet floating in a hot bubble bath… with champagne chilling in a nearby ice bucket, soft music playing on the stereo, with nothing but lit candles to light the way. Oh… and turn your cell phones OFF!!

What most people want for Valentine’s Day is to be appreciated. To be singled out as your ‘special someone’. To spend undivided time with you. To have you do something for them that shows you THOUGHT only of them and what would make them happy. To cherish them… if only for a day.

Apparently I am in the minority. Valentine’s Day is my most hated holiday of all on the calendar… and not just because I am single. I have felt this way FOREVER! I am embarrassed by receiving gifts just because I love someone and they me. Their love is my gift… as mine is to them… nothing else can compare. No amount of money can buy anything more special than that. Obviously not everyone agrees with me. According to statistics… 53% of women would end a relationship if they didn’t get a gift for Valentine’s Day. Really!!! I’m not kidding!!!

Over the years I have gotten some bizarre gifts for this holiday… including 6 baby chicks one year and a bed pillow from K-Mart the first year I was married. 40 years later and I still don’t get the significance of the pillow. But the gift that knocked me off my feet… and is still near and dear to my heart… and brings tears of tenderness to my eyes when I think about it… is a chocolate cake… made from a 99 cent boxed mix and iced from a can… placed proudly in the middle of a fully set table to be shared after cooking a meal together. Now THAT was a special, well thought out gift.

So… let’s get to it everyone!! Take a moment to kick back and really give some thought to what you hope to convey this Valentine’s Day. If spending money is the way you show your love… then pick up the phone and order a custom piece of jewelry. If ‘thoughtful’ or ‘budget’ is more your style… then break out the construction paper, scissors, and glue and make an old-fashioned Valentine. Whatever you choose… make it PERSONAL!

Oh… and just so you know… it is estimated that about 11,000 babies are conceived on Valentine’s Day… in case you need that information 🙂

Make it a good one!!!

One of THOSE Days

When was the last time you had one of THOSE days? You know the kind… the days you just can’t get motivated to do anything. Today was one of THOSE days for me.

I did my normal morning routine… went food shopping then to work, visited the bookshop… then came home and re-arranged the furniture. It went down hill after that.

Once I sat down I just had no ‘oomph’ or desire to do anything else… including research for an exciting post tonight.

So… I’m taking the night off. I’ll be back tomorrow!


I’ll Have What She’s Having

UnknownThe 15 Minute O… Oh… Ohhh… Ohhhhhh!

Oh my! I have certainly come a long way baby!!! A few years ago there was no way in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks I would have posted this next topic. Things change, people change, and you know what… I’m not even embarrassed by it. Five years ago I would have blushed brighter than a neon sign… but now? Nope.

It’s Friday… and I promised I would help to make your weekend a little more… pleasurable. Tonight I am broaching the subject of the Female Orgasm. Orgasmic Meditation to be exact. A 15 minute calm yet deep explosion of pleasure. Well, at least that is what I’m led to believe. As a single girl I am unable to test out this research.

This is an exercise to be shared between couples. It’s totally for the female… however many men receive pleasure from the experience (again, so I’m told)… as he has an important function.

First watch Nicole Daedone’s (author of Slow Sex) TedTalk… HERE… where she explains what this is all about. I think you will find it interesting. THEN go to her website OneTaste to see a video of how it’s done and get a better understanding of the process and what you gain from the experience.

Due to my research on PTSD I’ve learned a lot about the brain, chemicals in the brain, and what gets released when. Orgasm is good for both men and women in so many ways… not only just for pleasure, but for mental health as well. Who knew?? BTW… one of the most intriguing facts I learned is Rutgers University has an Orgasm Research Lab!!! The only one in the country. They have Orgasm Researchers too! Wow! Now THERE’S a job I bet you never thought existed.

I gotta tell ya guys… this could go down in the record books as being the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER!!! It sure beats getting a Vermont Teddy Bear!!

Normally I love getting comments and emails from you all… but I beg of you… PLEASE do not tell me if you tried this and how it all turned out. It would be like telling a blind man how beautiful the sunset is that he’s missing. All of my research has been scientific and clinical… giving it a personal edge would just embarrass me. A simple Thank You is sufficient.

However… that being said… I DO thank you for all the emails you have send so far!!! I love hearing that you are trying to re-connect and it seems to be working. It’s encouraging for me to know I made you ‘wake up’ and showed you that love is there if you work at it. If only ONE couple walks away this month closer to each other and more in love than they were in the beginning… then I’m a very happy person!!!

BTW… Did you get the movie reference in the title?? Jot your answer in the comment section if you know the movie.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!