ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

familyBoy, don’t I wish the book I am writing was finished right about now. The timing is PERFECT! The book is my memoir as a wife to a man diagnosed with ALS at the age of 51. With 3 children, a large house, husband in an upwardly mobile white-collar job, our lives instantly screeched to a halt as he began to have fasciculations in his arms and legs and was crudely diagnosed with ALS.

Oh… and did I mention he specifically waited until my birthday to break the news??? Happy Birthday to me… Geesh… speak about putting a damper on the party.

I have been working on this book for about 5 years. A few months ago I tossed the entire thing into the fireplace and lit a match… with no back up! Really… I did! I woke the very next day and started all over again. Completion is anticipated in about 8 weeks… where it will then most likely sit in a publisher’s slush pile for 6 months or so… if I’m lucky.

Anyway… after dealing with the ALS Association for 8 years as my husband plodded through the system I have to admit I am beyond THRILLED to see this #alsicebucketchallenge go viral. Not only do I get a kick out of watching friends and family SHRIEK and FREEZE… but I know the awareness factor is HUGE!!! People who never heard of ALS before are now donating to the cause. They might not fully understand the illness, or how it affects the entire family… but they are beginning to ask questions.

It’s about time this devastating disease was brought out of hiding and got recognition. I am not saying that Cancer, Parkinson’s, MS and more don’t deserve the limelight… I’m just saying I’m thrilled to know ALS is now right up there with them, no longer considered a second class citizen or a poor relation.

CHEERS to the person who started this whole challenge! I applaud you whoever you are. This is a genius idea… simply GENIUS!!

I will continue to post every challenge I receive on my Facebook page… and send a private thank you to all who participate. Keep ’em coming… and don’t forget to DONATE!!!

Here’s the link…

For those of you with questions… don’t be shy. Drop me a line and I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability… or direct you to a person who can. No question is too stupid… except the one not asked.


Yoga On The Beach

Yoga On The Beach

Have you ever tried to do Yoga on a beach??? I did this past weekend, and am spoiled for life. Downward Facing Dog has never been so fun!

A dear friend owns a Yoga Studio in, of all places, Arizona. During the summer months she   works the family business in Wildwood, NJ, teaches Yoga on the beach, and runs the parking lots. Wow… she certainly keeps herself busy.

Last Sunday I took advantage of an unplanned day off from ‘work’ and woke up at 6:00AM to make the 2 hour drive south on the Garden State Parkway just to take this class. It was AWESOME!!

Instead of a yoga mat, you bring a beach towel. Don’t forget the sunscreen, water, and sun glasses. It just so happened it was going to be a full moon that evening, actually a Super Moon, so our practice was more gentle than normal. Beginning with controlled warm ups and stretches, we quickly moved on to salutations.

If you normally practice Yoga inside… I promise you will have an experience like no other. The ions from the water mixing with the ions in the air are so refreshing, filling you with a sense of well being… and making it easy to set your intention for the practice. The summer sun warms your muscles in tandem with a cool ocean breeze wicking away the perspiration leaving a thin film of salt on your skin. Your nostrils pull in the salt air, filling your lungs with goodness as you slowly and completely exhale carbon dioxide. Oh, and  rhythmic sound of crashing surf against the shoreline calms your mind in an instant. The chirping seagulls are an added bonus.

Performing yoga poses in the sand seem easier on the joints. Feet planted firmly in sand help maintain your balance for a better warrior pose, and your body becomes ‘one with the earth’ as you wiggle your spine and hips to settle in to a prone position for Shavasana (my favorite part of the practice).

If Yoga is not your ‘thing’, at the very least grab a beach towel and a bottle of water and head down to your nearest beach, ideally early in the morning, or at sunset. Spread out the towel, sit with your legs crossed (or any other comfortable position), wiggle your butt into place and just sit there for a moment and BREATHE… listening to your inner self. 10 minutes of silence will change your outlook on life. I promise.