Outdoor Quilt Show Adventure

Woo! Hoo! For years I have dreamed about getting to the Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon… and TODAY that dream came true!! What an adventure!

Sign posts announcing the Sisters Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show

Sign posts announcing the Sisters Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show

A fellow quilt lover told me about this show many years ago when they attended. Being a Jersey Girl and living on the east coast… spending money to travel to Oregon JUST to view quilts seemed a bit crazy. However, THIS summer I found myself on the west coast with some spare time to hit up this state and attend the show!!

Quilts lined the streets, hung from porches, and were even suspended from ceilings inside stores! Everywhere I looked… colorful fabric waved in the breeze commanding my attention. I didn’t know which direction to look first, or which side of the street to stay on. Since the town was shut down to motorists, I found it best to walk down the middle of the street turning my head from side to side so as not miss a single quilt.

Sisters Oregon Library

First stop… Sisters City Hall.

Sisters Oregon City Hall

Hung inside the building was an interesting group of wall quilts all made by different quilters, but had the continuity of a river flowing from one to the other.A River Runs Through It

After a few hours my sore feet needed to take a rest. I stopped in Sisters Coffee Company for a cup of Cold Brew and a Peanut Butter cookie. As I sat in the oversized comfortable chair enjoying my snack, I got the feeling I was in Disney World. Yes… that’s exactly how I felt… a Disney World for Quilters!!! A guy was playing the piano as I faced an oversized stone fireplace, noticing the heavy velvet curtains covering the windows. Crowds of people milling around outside, and the din of other attendees in the background added to the Disney ambiance.

Back outside I marveled at the clever pairing of quilt to building decisions. Antique shops had older and more muted quilts adorning their building, while the Yoga Studio had ‘zen like’ designs outside of theirs. The Western shop had horse motifs in their quilts, and the flower shop had… you guessed it… floral quilts.

There were games to play too! Match the name to the Kona Color was kind of fun!

Game board for Kona Challenge

Game board for Kona Challenge

I have attended many indoor quilt shows… and only one other outdoor show… but THIS one is the biggest of all! A little different was the absence of ‘white gloved’ volunteers. Usually if you would like to see the backside of a quilt you need the help of a volunteer to flip it over for you so as not to leave behind oil or dirt you’re your hands. At this show all you had to do was walk behind the quilt! Voila! However… I absolutely LOVED seeing the volunteers wearing neon yellow shirts emblazoned with… QUILT RESCUE TEAM! They were called into action whenever a quilt needed to be adjusted if the wind blew it down.

Using my iPhone to take photos… I was CRUSHED to notice my battery dying only half way through. I think taking a few videos killed it.

Sisters itself is not what I expected. Although the buildings were cute and the town was incredibly ADORABLE… I was a little bummed to notice a lot of the building facades were not the original western town saloon and mining fronts… but newly built ‘fronts’ adding fuel to that Disney feeling.

Tag… you’re it! Now that you know about this show, if you are a quilt lover I hope you make plans to attend! It was amazing!!