About Me


 I’m a single woman of ‘a certain age’ who thinks she’s much younger than the calendar suggests. The body of course knows differently. Menopause, bouncing hormones, decreased metabolism and all the joys of aging are slowly taking over. I have made friends with the unpopular conclusion that no matter how much I diet and exercise, I will never fit into size 6 jeans.

Now that my children have flown the nest to feather their own, and my husband has passed on to his next life, I find I have many hours to fill in a day. And boy… do I fill them!!! Quilting, biking, painting, walking/hiking, traveling, reading, writing, cooking/baking… oh my, the list goes on and on. One thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to shop and cook ‘for one’. I am sorry… but those silly Pinterest recipes for a single serving mug cake are NEVER the answer when I’m craving a slice of the 4 tier Heaven and Hell (Angel Food and Devil’s Food cake filled with peanut butter mousse and covered in chocolate ganache) Cake I make. Who are they trying to kid??

There is always a project (or 2, or 10) in progress at my bungalow at the shore. Whether I’m trying to get 5 meals out of a Costco chicken, learning how to make soap, or figuring out how to ‘ship lap’ my dining room, I promise my blog posts will never be boring. I share the successes as well as the failures. And trust me when I fail, I fail BIG TIME! It’s all fun. And isn’t that what life is supposed to be? Fun!

Check in on me any time and see what mess I’m making now. Better yet, follow me! In addition to my blog I can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy as Uniqueandnovel. If you live nearby, stop in. I might hand you a paintbrush or a slice of cake, you just never know. I believe in keeping life interesting.

  • Dear Deb
    We all remember you too much
    how are you

    • Deb

      Doing well. I attended a Singing Crystal Bowl Meditation on the Ocean Grove boardwalk the other night. It was AWESOME!
      Where are you holding sessions? Maybe I can visit one day.
      Keep a watch on this new website of mine for updates on my writing.

  • Andrea

    Love the title! Although we did talk several time about putting on your “big girl panties”!

    • Deb

      Hee, hee. Yes, we have talked about putting on my “big girl panties”! Apparently granny panties don’t qualify, and the one time I wore a thong it was all for naught. I didn’t even have the courage to tell the guy I was wearing them 🙂 Another story for another time.

  • Hi Deb, just thought I’d return the favour by paying a return visit to your site 🙂 Good luck with your writing degree!

    • Deb

      Thanks! School of Hard Knocks is TOUGH!

  • Jack Ford

    Deb: On your next trip south, you don’t need a motel in NC. I have plenty of room and you passed right by me. You are welcome here anytime.

    • Deb

      ACK! Sorry Jack, I never gave it a thought. I guess you would call this ‘shunning’ you… right? Hee, hee. I am planning many more driving trips over the coming year and will not hesitate to drop by on my way. THANKS!

  • Deb, I found you through your very kind reply to my BlogHer “Invisible” post. Your words made my day. So much so that I posted part of them (not your personal sharing) on my FB page. We should friend one another! Wanted to thank you. And to alert you – I have some more essays (NOT poetry) on my blog. Please check it out when you have a sec, as I will check out yours. http://www.michaelwhoknew.com

    • Deb

      Going to take a look right now. Thanks for reaching out.