Seahawks or Broncos???

Super Bowl Poster


Which team are you rooting for in tomorrow’s SUPER BOWL??? Do you care… or are you watching the game just for the commercials and to eat wings?

I’m rooting for Charles Fazzino!!! Who??? Charles Fazzino. He’s an artist that designed the poster for the Super Bowl. Known best for his 3-D Pop Art… his work is colorful, detailed, busy, and fun… it kind of reminds me of ‘Where’s Waldo’. Plus it CLEARLY shows the stadium is situated in NEW JERSEY!

Anyone going to the game?? If so… if you spy his poster for sale I would gladly pay you back if you would pick one up for me. Please and Thank you.

In reality I will be rooting for the Seahawks… gladly becoming one of the loud and proud ’12th man’ team. Not only because my son moved to Seattle recently, but also because I believe they will win.

BTW… if you should ever find yourself in Australia at a cricket match… do not ask your host who they are rooting for. First there will be silence, then you will be laughed at (right Viv and Kim?). The term ‘rooting’ has a sexual connotation over there. Replace ‘rooting’ with the ‘f’ word and you will hear what they THOUGHT I asked. Live and learn 🙂

Where Could She Have Gone? – DP #168

microchipRecently I have spent quite a few hours of my day tracking down Alzheimer and Dementia patients, and the elderly. One of them decided she was ready to leave the ski lodge (in reality she was a patient in a hospital), and TWICE got dressed and left the floor. Another woke up earlier than normal, thought she had an exercise class (wrong day) and took off. I had to track her down to administer her morning medication. Lastly… another decided it was time for dinner (at 11:00am) and wanted to eat with her friend in another building… so boarded the local shuttle bus. I caught her JUST as she was boarding. All of this happened within 5 days!!!

I began thinking that microchipping would be a good idea!! Computer research through Google made me realize this was not a stellar idea. There are already companies that provide this service… but the more I read, the more it became clear this is not what I needed. I didn’t want anyone to have access to their personal information, or medical records. I just wanted to locate them when they weren’t where they were supposed to be. None of them carry cell phones.

Hospitals require all patients to wear an ID bracelet while admitted which have the ability to place a chip in that band for location purposes. In addition to the chip, hiring a person to sit in the room of the ‘flight risk’.. took care of the person fleeing the ‘ski lodge’.

I had to research more for the other ‘runners’. I later learned there are GPS shoes… Kind of like a Lo-Jack system for humans. Shoes with a little chip implanted in the heel for location information. That is more what I envisioned… but what if they didn’t want to wear that pair of shoes that particular day?

Months ago on FaceBook I kept getting an advertisement for something called ‘The Tile’. If I remember correctly it’s a small triangle you attach to your key ring that acts as a location device when you misplace your keys. I believe it could also be used for other things like your glasses. Hmmmm… maybe THAT’s the answer. I could tag the ladies’ keys. They always have their apartment keys when leaving. Now… I wonder… does it use a computer to relay their position… or does it just ‘ping’ until you hear it? Pinging wouldn’t help unless they were close to me. Nine times out of ten they are in another building. I guess I’ll have to look into it.

Also while researching I read microchipping autistic children has also been considered, as they tend to wander off and get lost frequently. A school in Santa Fe had each student carry an ID tag with a location chip in it. That caused concern because it also worked outside of the building and kids who skipped classes were getting caught and brought back (and that’s a BAD thing?). I know… privacy issues and violations of their personal life… yadda, yadda. As a parent I wouldn’t have minded at all.

Personally I don’t believe in microchipping people. However… having some kind of GPS tracking on the elderly who tend to roam is looking better and better to me. What do YOU think??? Have you ever had to deal with this?? How?

I Miss My Bed – DP#168

Traveling gets ‘old’. I have had to spend quite a bit of time out-of-state recently. Staying with family members, sleeping in hotels, schlepping my bags around, living out of a suitcase, cooking dinner in a hotel microwave. It wears on a person.

This was one of those quick trips that turned into something longer and more intense. Thank heavens I have wonderful neighbors who were able to accept unplanned UPS deliveries and place them inside my house while I was away.

My first night was spent at a family member’s up north. I love visiting this couple. They are loving and friendly… good conversationalist… and I get to sleep in the EAST WING servants quarters!! The bath is an old-fashioned claw foot tub with a hand-held shower spray. The only major drawback is the tub is centered in front of a window that faces the street… and has no curtain. It DOES have an electric candle on a timer… for better ambience while bathing 🙂

The bed is comfortable enough… but the house is C-O-L-D and you have to be weighted down with lots of blankets. Personally I like that… although my nose sticks out from under the covers and gets cold.

Turning over in bed becomes a challenge. I have a king sized mattress at home… all to myself. I can roll from side to side, or twirl around to my heart’s content. In this twin size bed… once I break free of the weight of the covers… I have to FLIP over. TWICE I almost ended up on the floor.

Next I stayed in a hotel for a few nights. It was a really nice hotel and spa. They have a special room rate for family visiting with hospital patients, so I got a fabulous room for a fraction of the regular rack rate. The double bed was outfitted with luxurious linens and pillows; but let me ask you… why does the hotel industry think one person needs so many pillows???

neat pillows


And what are you supposed to do with the ones you don’t need? Throwing them on the floor didn’t seem like the right thing to do. I ended up pushing them off to one side… and carefully sleeping next to them. In the morning they were all bunched up… requiring the staff to strip the cases and waste water to launder them.

messy pillows


I love my bed… and am so happy to be able to sleep in it… at least for a few nights. Before you know it I’ll be off and running again!

Sweet dreams!

Mmmm… Coconut and Lime – DP#167

Running errands this morning I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in a while.

“Wow!! You look great! There must be a new man in your life.” She said

“Nope.” I replied. “I’ve lost some weight, but didn’t realize you could notice under all these jackets.”

“No, that’s not it. You have that ‘Sexy, satisfied in the bedroom’ look going on.” She said, as she waved her hand in a circle in front of my face.

All I could do was laugh!!! Catching a glimpse of myself in the store window I tried to see what she did. All I noticed was my hair was messy (because I let it dry naturally instead of blowing it dry) and I wasn’t wearing any make up. To me I had that ‘au natural’… washed out look going on. Shrugging my shoulders and turning back to her we continued talking about our kids and the bitter cold weather.

“Oh… and you smell nice.” She exclaimed while sniffing the air.

Ah… now I get it. I had to explain that I’m taking advantage of being an empty nester. Most people who know me are aware I take extremely quick showers. Not being a ‘girly girl’ I jump in, soap up, rinse, and hop out. Lately however, since I have no one around to knock on the door, or need me for anything, I am learning to take my time and enjoy the moment.

Lighting a scented candle, filling the tub with hot water and bubbles, and luxuriating with a glass of wine is something I have NEVER had the time to do before. Now all I have is time. Too much time. Hey, a single girl’s got to find SOMETHING to do with her evenings.

So I decided to declare a ‘SPA NIGHT’ every so often. I purchased all new loofas, body wash and ‘girly stuff’. Oh… and the reason I smelled so good??? I used a new body scrub scented with coconut and lime. Cocktails anyone???

My low self esteem raised a few notches realizing someone noticed. I guess I’ll have to hold spa nights more often.

Spa Night


National Polka Dot Day – DP#166

Polka Dots paper


I absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt L-O-V-E Polka Dots!!! My day is filled with them!!! From hand drawn gift wrap paper…

Polka Dot socks


to countless pairs of socks…

Polka Dot pillow


to decorating the Living Room with Polka Dot Pillows. Not to mention…

Polka Dot Suitcase


My easily identifiable suitcase! I’m speckled with goosebumps about dots!!

National Polka Dot Day is ALWAYS January 22nd. Officially no one has taken ownership of the day. There is only one mention of it many years ago… and then the trail runs cold. Quilters have resurrected it recently by holding special sales on fabric with Polka Dots… which is how I became aware of it’s existence.

I contacted a few people in charge of registering ‘official’ days and was told I could take the helm and forever more be in charge of National Polka Dot Day. I haven’t decided if I want that responsibility… so for now I’m just passing along the message.

If you own anything with Polka Dots… bring it out into the light!!! In the meantime I plan to wear my Pink Polka Dot Pajamas to bed tonight.

Let me be the first to wish you a Happy National Polka Dot Day!!!

Disneyland! – DP#165

I just returned from a long weekend in….

Disney;and Balloon


Disneyland (in California… NOT Disney World in Florida). I think the flight there and back was longer than my stay 🙂

My daughter was running in both the Tinkerbell 10K AND Half Marathon put on by RUN DISNEY. Dressed in Sparkle Skirts by Sparkle Athletics (Respect the Skirt), braided hair, funky socks and knees all taped… she ran a respectable time of 3:33:25 for the half marathon.

Tinkerbell Award


Originally I was just joining her as head cheerleader and master motivator. However, 2 weeks before I was scheduled to leave it came to my attention volunteer positions were available. I immediately signed up… without taking into consideration my flight landed around 9:30PM. If you do the math…. by the time you gather your luggage, rent a car, drive to the hotel, check-in, and get settled…. It’s Midnight. Normally not bad… BUT Volunteer Check-In was 3:30AM. So… with 2 1/2 solid hours of sleep under my belt, I went to my first volunteer assignment… Bag Check for The Family Fun 5K. Easy job. I was back in my room by 8:30AM… ready to start my day.

Wide awake… we headed out to breakfast and hit the parks. Disneyland is smaller than Disney World… and much more intimate. To be honest, I think I like this park best. I finally ran out of steam around 7:30PM and headed to bed.

Next morning Volunteer Check-In was 3:00AM!!!! This time I was assigned to the Medals group.

PicMonkey Collage


Each medal arrives individually wrapped. They all have to be UNWRAPPED and draped on these stands… all 10,000 of them! It took 20 volunteers 4 hours to accomplish this feat. When the runners finish the race I had the honor and privilege to place a medal over their head. With all the bending, lifting… and grabbing 60 heavy medals at a clip… and working non-stop for hours straight… I think I did more work than the runners themselves!

Of course there was no rest for the weary… so after grabbing some breakfast we hit the parks again. Thank heavens we had enough sense to rest up a bit in the afternoon… sit by the pool… take a nap… so we could enjoy the parks in the evening. World of Color show and fireworks rounded out the night.

World of ColorFireworks

Speaking of fireworks… the headboard in our room lit up with fireworks!!! MAGICAL!!!



I still don’t understand the fascination of running in a large group just to earn some ‘bling’… but as long as my daughter continues to enter the events, I will do my best to join her, support her, and volunteer.

BTW… I heard that NIKE sponsors a race where the ‘medal’ is actually a silver necklace by TIFFANY… AND it is all wrapped in their signature paper tied with a satin bow… AND…  presented to you on a silver platter… by local FIREMEN dressed in TUXEDOS!!! Now THAT’S worth running for!!!!!!

Sore Tootsies – DP#163

Fit Bit


Wow… My dogs are BARKING!!! I walked 23,456 steps today. That’s just a tad short of 10 miles. Normally I try to walk 10,000 steps in a day… walking around the local lake and neighborhood. However today I did something a little bit different.

I’m going to see if I break my record over the next few days. On Monday or Tuesday I will reveal what I did.

In the meantime, tonight I’m soaking my feet and putting them up for the rest of the night. I’m bushed!!!

Sandy Hook, NJ – DP#162

Sandy Hook Lighthouse


Sandy Hook, NJ… What an AWESOME place!!! I had forgotten there was a lighthouse there. It looks a little old and worn… but still stands tall and strong.

I usually only got as far as the beach. When the kids were little I made an effort to drive the hour and a half to the beach once a week. Often there were other kids in tow. One day the weather wasn’t stellar so I asked what else was in the area to do or see. The ranger suggested I take the kids to the fort where they could climb on the cannons. He further cautioned it was located near the clothing optional beach… but not to worry everyone needed to be clothed when leaving the beach.

As I drove into the parking lot I noticed we weren’t in Kansas any more toto. There were only sports cars in the lot… not a mini-van in sight.

The kids had a wonderful time!! All of a sudden my daughter’s friend screamed and pointed at a man. He had forgotten to get dressed and was walking towards us… in all his glory as the good lord made him. When he heard the scream he ducked down behind a bush and pulled on some shorts.

When we got home… I dropped the girl off at her house. You should also know that I was a girl scout leader, and she was in my troop. Anyway… when I dropped her off at her home, she hopped out of the car screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! We went to a NUDE beach!” Yikes!! I had some explaining to do.

From then on I didn’t stray. I drove straight to the parking lot for the family beach… and back out again… until now.

Recently there was an article about the derelict houses on the hook. Originally they were built as officer’s quarters for the Military. The government is making them available for free ‘rent’. Basically you bid on the property. If you win the bid you agree to spend a lot of money to fix them up and in return you will be able to rent the land for 100 years.

Sandy Hook house


Looks like a HUGE fixer upper to me!! If anyone out there wants to buy one I’d be happy to act as General Contractor on site. All I want in return is to be able to spend 2 weeks a year there 🙂

Baking For One – DP#161

Mini Cupcakes


I’m sure you’ve heard of Cooking For One… well I’ve got that pretty much mastered. Now I’m trying to get a handle of BAKING for one.

There are many recipes out there on the Internet for baking a Cupcake In A Mug. I tried them. Eh! They didn’t satisfy the craving for a real cupcake.

Soooooo… I took my favorite Coconut Cupcake recipe and chopped it down in half. THEN… I baked them in a mini-muffin pan. My school of thought being that 4 mini’s equal a whole cupcake, and if I froze them (without the frosting) in baggies, I could then have a cupcake whenever I wanted. Just pull as many as I needed out of the freezer and sit on the counter for a few minutes to thaw. GENIUS!!!

The only thing I can’t figure out is… how do you halve 5 Extra Large eggs?? I used 3 large eggs… but the cupcakes taste a little ‘eggy’. Next time I guess I should knock it down to two large eggs and see what happens.