Five Minute Friday – Home

It’s FRIDAY! Time for Five Minute Friday… a post written in five minutes using the word prompt given that week, with no thought given to grammar, context, spelling, or anything! Just write! Then post it on Lisa Jo Baker’s site for all to read. Then cheerlead for the person who posted before you. It’s that easy! Won’t you join us?

Here goes…. Home…

Where is home, really? In your heart? Where you sleep? Where you grew up? Where you raised your family?

Here at the jersey shore so many families have been displaced. Their ‘house’ no longer exists. Hurricane Sandy blew it apart. Their personal belongings were shredded and pulled out to sea. Family photos, heirlooms, furniture that has been passed down in the family through generations, perhaps brought to this country through Ellis Island… all gone. Total devastation. Yet… ‘home’ still survived… as these victims huddle together and find a new place to live, and start all over. A place to call ‘home’ again.

Years ago a dear friend of mine made the decision to move ‘back home’ to Arkansas when her breast cancer refused to stay silent. She wanted to ‘go home’ to die. To her ‘home’ meant being near family, her support group. I made every effort to visit her at her ‘home’ before she passed. Thankfully I was able to visit a few weeks before she passed… and the good Lord called her to his ‘home’.

After leaving the house I grew up in 38 years ago… I moved ‘back home’. The kids have all grown, my husband passed away… there was nothing keeping me in the town where I raised my family. So, now alone on my own I too wanted to move back ‘home’. To my beginning. I thought I would feel comfortable here… sadly I don’t.

I wonder… will my children ever feel the need to move back ‘home’ to central New Jersey?

What is HOME to you?


Five-minute Friday – What Mama Did

Five minute Friday is the one day a week I devote exactly five minutes to a word prompt on Lisa Jo Baker’s site. Once posted and linked, the only other rule is to read the post before yours and leave a little love. Won’t you join us?

This week the prompt is more than one word… What Mama Did


What Mama did? I’ll tell ya what my mama did. First off, if I ever called her Mama she would laugh hysterically. Mom, we called her mom.

When I was around four years old mom made me a fabulous Halloween costume. It was so beautiful I won a prize!! I was a Fairy Princess! The most spectacular Fairy Princess in all the land. The dress was made of pale blue satin and tulle… but the wings, oh the wings were magical! Imagine gold sequins being stamped out of gold heavy Mylar sheets… Now imagine what the piece left behind looks like… That is what my fairy wings were made from. Sprinkles of gold glitter made them sparkle even more.

My crown was made from cardboard… It was TALL and regal. Glitter, glitter and more glitter adorned the crown in swirly patterns… With a star shaped wand to match.

My mom made me a beautiful Princess for the day. I will never forget how wonderful and pretty I felt. NOT to be out done by her own Moon Martian costume years later. She so desperately wanted to be green, she soaked in a bathtub of green dye… And remained green for a week!

Her creative spirit lives in me.


Five Minute Friday – Beloved

It’s FRIDAY! Time to set the timer for Five-Minutes and write whatever comes into my head using the word prompt posted on Lisa Jo Baker’s site. The only rule is once linked up to her site, you must visit the person who linked up before you and comment on their post. Won’t you join us?? It’s really easy to do… Go to… FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY and link up you post.

This week the word is: BELOVED

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. The local talk radio station is heralding stories of Valentine’s Day mishaps… basically they want to hear of the failures. Some are hysterical and some just sad.

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, never have been, never will be… and this year was to be just another day, until I decided to start a new tradition. I’m making Valentine’s Day a special day, just for me! I’ve decided to leap out of my comfort zone and bake some obnoxiously decadent cake with chocolate as an ingredient every Valentine’s Day forever… and share it with anyone who comes to visit me on that day.

Yesterday I baked a Chocolate-Flecked Layer Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting... finding the recipe in the current Martha Stewart Living magazine. It didn’t turn out as pretty as I had hoped, since I iced the cake before it was completely cooled… but that didn’t matter.

My home was  filled with friends and family sharing that cake in the middle of the afternoon. And the biggest surprise of all??? My brother stopped by with a beautiful Valentine Card for me. In all my 58 years this is the very first Valentine I ever remember him giving me. This was a special Valentine’s Day after all.



Five Minute Friday – Afraid

It’s FRIDAY!!! Every Friday people across the globe go to LisaJo Baker’s site and see what the magic prompt word if the week. You set a timer for 5 minutes concentrating on that word and what it means to you. Then you post it on your blog and link up on her site for all to see. It’s fun! It’s Freeing!! The only real rule is that you have to stop by the blog that posted before you and cheer them on. Join us!

My word today is… Afraid.


Darla lives her life in constant fear. When strangers come to the house, especially men… she runs upstairs to her room. Sometimes she slowly comes down, one step at a time to investigate and finds there was nothing to worry about. Other times she will stay up there cuddled in her bed.

She is also afraid to have her picture taken. You can see the fear in the eyes of this 6 year old.

Thunder storms and fireworks make her shiver in fright. You can feel her little body quaking as she curls up next to you looking for comfort.

Leaves fluttering in the summer breeze sets her heart pounding.

I can’t imagine living locked up in that kind of fear on a day to day basis. Always afraid… even of your own shadow.

Darla is my daughter’s dog.


Darling Darla

Darling Darla

Afraid is not a word in my vocabulary. I am not afraid of anything. Jumping in first and asking questions later is what I do best. Working through each situation as it pops up and getting through each day at a time has kept me moving forward. Dwelling on issues and problems that MIGHT (or might not) occur seems to be a waste of my time. So writing this Five Minute Friday was a challenge for me. Thank Heavens I have a sweet scaredy cat of a dog in the house to remind me not everything or everyone should be trusted in an instant. Our ‘afraid’ gene is there for a purpose… just don’t let it rule our lives.

Five Minute Friday – Again

It’s Friday!!! Yippie! That means it’s time for Five Minute Friday!!

Each Friday a whole bunch of us from around the globe check out the word prompt at Lisa Jo Baker’s Site, set our timers, and TYPE. Whatever comes into our head. No editing, no second guessing, no deleting. No one is judging you on grammar, spelling, punctuation, or syntax. It is so freeing… AND surprising. Then we link up our post on her site for all to admire 🙂 Join us!!!

Here goes. The word today is AGAIN

Valentine’s Day is coming around again. Ugh! I dislike this Hallmark Holiday. Nothing good ever happens to me on Valentine’s Day. Well… I take that back, ONE Valentine’s Day was very special… and almost gave me faith the day was worth celebrating.

As I walked through the door I glanced around. A chocolate ‘speed cake” sat in the middle of the table, all iced and on a pedestal. The chicken, broccoli, and red peppers cut up and ready to stir fry. Silverware, plates, glasses all set to perfection. Ahhh… Valentine’s Day. So THIS is what all the hoopla is about. Perfection.

I watch as guys scramble to buy flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears… again… the same as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Again, and again, and again. When will they discover that is NOT what most woman hope for? Just make them feel special that day. Acknowledge you are happy they are in your life… extra cuddle time, make a special card with your own two hands, plan an activity together. It really is that simple.

I would give almost anything to have a chocolate ‘speed cake’ sit in the middle of my table on Valentine’s Day again.

DONE! Phew!!!

See? This is what I mean about being surprised at what you write. I had no clue this was bothering me. All week I have been bombarded with advertisements suggesting gifts or get aways with your loved one for Valentine’s Day. When did this holiday get so out of control??

I have been married twice… and not ONE Valentine’s Day pops into my head as memorable. Dinner out, a store bought card, and a heart shaped box of chocolates purchased on his way home from work… the same as a billion other women received. Oh yeah, that made me feel special.

No.. only one Valentine’s Day stays in my heart. The one where the guy I was dating at the time went out of his way to make the day special for my daughter and me. THAT made me feel special.

It doesn’t take diamonds, a dinner out in a crowded restaurant, an expensive weekend get-away, or a box of chocolates to make us happy… although truth be told I would never turn my nose up at the diamonds, or a new car for that matter… but seriously… my heart melted over a 99 cent boxed cake mix and a $1.29 tub of icing. It was the execution of pulling the night off that made me feel loved.