Time to get quilting!

A sample selection of my fabric stash. I just love Polka Dots!

As the old saying goes… The person with the most fabric when they die WINS! In as much as I am as competitive as the next person, I can now say with certainty… I will lose this contest… and am perfectly fine with it.

For YEARS (more than I am willing to admit) I have been collecting fabric. It’s a sickness. All quilters suffer the same illness, I am no exception. We run a quick errand to the fabric store to purchase that last yard of something we absolutely HAVE to have to finish a UFO (UnFinished Objects) or a WIP (Work In Progress). While at the quilt shop we are like kids in a candy shop. Surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow and designs so cute we swoon. All the luscious fabrics are jumping off their bolts right into our arms. Honestly, we are in a daze and have no idea what we are doing.

The best kept secret in any quilt shop is the special ‘bargain closet’ where discontinued bolts sit on shelves like cute puppies at a shelter waiting to go home with a loving family. That’s where all quilters lose their resolve. Fabrics you couldn’t justify purchasing at full price just because you liked it, now become a ‘must have’ at 40% off. Oh look! If you purchase the whole bolt you save 50%!!!! Woo! Hoo! What a bargain! You may not have a project in mind for this fabric… but who cares. Certainly a design will pop up somewhere that will be perfect for this… you reason.

Once home, you are so proud of yourself. You saved so much money (yeah right… most likely you spent more than your weekly food budget). You take the fabric out of the bag, stroke it (or should I say ‘pet’ it), and think of all the fabulous things you can make with this 5 yards of goodness. Then you neatly fold the yardage and place it among the other ‘strays’ you brought home… and forgot about.

Hmmm…. Maybe ‘forgot about’ is too strong a statement. It’s just that newer fabric has caught our attention. Also… sometimes a particular fabric is so special you simply don’t want to cut into it. Whatever the reason, you now find every nook and cranny overflowing with fabric. Your laundry room, the trunk of your car, under your bed, every closet, the attic, the basement… all the places you can think of to hide it from your husband. Wouldn’t he FREAK if he knew how much fabric you REALY had??? Shhhh… I’ll never tell.

Hide no more my fabulous fabric stash. It’s time to come out of hiding and be proud! It’s GAME TIME! My stash has waited patiently for this very moment… to be sewn into quilts spreading warmth to families devastated by Storm Sandy.

The first family to receive quilts is a retired couple from Seabright, NJ. They lost absolutely everything! The man is a fishing fanatic and the woman takes care of stray cats. I have the absolute perfect quilts in mind for them. I am so excited… I can’t wait to get started. I will post pictures as I go.

All quilts are made with top quality 100% quilter’s cotton, layered with 100% cotton batting for comfort and warmth, and are large enough to wrap up in or cover a twin size bed. Each quilt is custom made for the recipient. Favorite colors, likes and dislikes are considered before the first square is cut. My stash is HUGE and includes florals, geometrics, fireman, Dr. Seuss, batiks, and so much more.  I am ready to sew for children of all ages and adults. I prefer a more modern approach to quilting using fresh, clean designs… but have a few traditional ideas up my sleeve to pull out when needed. If you know of a deserving family please do not hesitate to contact me at deb@debhathaway.com.

Let’s keep New Jersey WARM this winter!



For those of you who aren’t familiar… this is TILLIE. He is the famous Asbury Park icon. Sandy couldn’t slap the silly grin off his face!!! He is still smiling and will pull through this mess.

I drove home from the south today and noticed a ‘changing of the guard’ of the power trucks. For every truck of weary workers, I saw the same amount coming our way. Fresh workers mean faster workers. The trucks I followed around the Asbury Park Circle had Florida tags. Direct TV also had trucks coming north.

I came home to a mold infested basement, icky refrigerator, tree limbs in my yard, and near dead house plants. All in all not too bad. I am sooooooo fortunate!

Sewing quilts will be my passion for displaced families over the next few months. Feel free to volunteer in the comments section below. I could use helpers with scissor skills to cut strips, hand sewers to bind, and machine sewers to piece. Also… donations of batting is greatly appreciated… or a gift certificate to Jo-Ann’s to purchase batting. I only use top quality fabric from quilt stores in my quilts. These families deserve only the best!

If you know of any families that could benefit from a warm handmade quilt  please let me know in the comments sections.

Thank you for your support!