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Help me reach my goal of 100 followers by 12/31/2012 and enter a chance to win an Amazon GIFT CERTIFICATE!!! How much is the certificate for, you ask??? Read below and find out.


1. Begin following my blog by entering your email address in the box on the right hand side of this page. You will automatically be entered for a chance to win the gift certificate.
2. If you begin following no later than MIDNIGHT (EST) October 20, 2012 you are automatically entered TWICE.
3. If you already follow me (as of Noon (EST) October 15, 2012) THANK YOU! You are automatically entered THREE TIMES!
4. Want to increase your chance of winning? Leave a comment to be entered ONE MORE TIME! (Only one entry no matter how many comments you leave).


One Amazon GIFT CERTIFICATE will be awarded… the amount to be determined by the number of followers to my blog on MIDNIGHT (EST) December 31, 2012.

A $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE will be awarded no matter how many followers sign up. The prize increases .50 for every follower above my goal of 100. For example: If on MIDNIGHT December 31, 2012 I have 150 registered followers… the prize will be a certificate in the amount of $75. So…. To increase the prize amount… tell all of your friends to sign up!!! The prize limit is $500! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME to have 1,000 new followers???

Winner will be selected at random using an online number generator on January 1, 2013, NOON EST. All followers are in order of date signed up. Current followers are already at the top of the list… their second and third entry will be added to the bottom of the new complete list. Second entry for followers signed up by October 20, 2012 will then be added to the list. Comment entries will be added last.

Odds of winning are dependent upon number of entries.

Winner will be notified via email as soon after the drawing as possible.

Certificate will be delivered via email to winner’s registered address.

FAMILY, FRIENDS and STRANGERS are all eligible to win! REALLY!


1. You are already a follower and you leave a comment on any of my posts today or later… You are entered FOUR times! THREE for already following and ONE more for commenting.
2. You sign up before this Friday. You are entered TWO times. Leave a comment to gain another entry.
3. Sign up next week, leave a comment today and another one tomorrow. You are entered TWO times. ONE for following my blog and signing up after October 20, 2012 and ONE more for leaving a comment (no extra entries for leaving more than one comment).


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What a fabulous way to start the NEW YEAR! Just think of all the things you can buy with an AMAZON certificate!