You should write a book!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement I wouldn’t have to write a book! I’d be so wealthy I would be spending my days lazing around eating bon-bons with nothing exciting or crazy happening to even write about. However, I am NOT wealthy (far from it) and crazy things DO happen to me. A lot of not so crazy things happen too.. but add them to the jigsaw puzzle of my life and they become the all too important ‘last piece’ that completes the picture.

I have no formal training, and I have no idea if any one will even want to read it when it’s complete… but I am doing it any way. I am doing it for myself… my kids… and all the people who have encouraged me through the years.

Along the way I hope to accomplish a few things…
1. Create a working schedule to actually get me writing on a regular basis, as opposed to the hit and miss schedule I have been using.

2. Encourage others to write a book for themselves by sharing every question I have and showing every stumbling block I hit along the way to completing my book… and how they were resolved.

3. Letting all of you who are interested to ‘get to know’ me a little better by sharing some stories that will not be in the book, hopefully enticing you to purchase the book IF it ever gets published.

4. Help you all to face your fears. Whether your fear is putting pen to paper, dating, or leaping from tall buildings (only kidding) I hope you will see through my blogs how many stupid things I have done and lived to tell about, no worse for wear. Life really DOES go on. I know… I’m living proof.

This site is a living document… meaning it will constantly change. I am not patient when it comes to ‘learning curves’… so please bear with me as I learn not only how to write a book, but also how to navigate the admin of a website. I feel like an old dog learning new tricks. It takes hours of practice!

Eventually I hope to have this site split into many sections so you can jump to the ones that interest you the most… and skip the ones you would rather not read. Writing the book is one section, my current art project or craft item will be another, my family life and friends yet another. I am thinking of labeling a section ‘Dumb Things I Have Done’… and another, ‘What I Did Today’… but I’ll wait and see how it all works out.

Please follow my blog if you are interested… and write as many comments as you want. I promise to read each one.

So…. here I go… off into the wonderful world of authorship via book and blog.. and I really hope I don’t have to list this decision under the Dumb Things I Have Done heading 🙂