Is The 4th Time The Charm? – DP#152

While on vacation I prefer to scout out local specialty shops like bookstores, quilt stores and yarn shops. I have met some of the most amazing people in these shops, and purchased some fabulous souvenirs as reminders of the good time I had.

A few years ago I was in Williamsburg, and stumbled upon a unique yarn shop. The moment I stepped inside I knew I was in for a special treat. If ever I wanted to own a retail yarn store… THIS would be it!!! Bright, well lit, energetic… with sumptuous yarns and colors that made me drool.

Falling instantly in love with a scarf on display, I just KNEW I had to purchase the yarn and directions. I was smart and didn’t purchase the needles… knowing full well if I had, then I would want to begin this project post haste… and push aside the knitting project I had already packed.


Fast forward two years. I FINALLY dig out this project and begin to work on it. It’s a simple scarf… knit in the same stitch… the linen stitch… over and over and over. The yarn is very thin, meaning it’s going to take FOREVER to knit… and to top it off… you knit it the LONG WAY. Translation: Instead of back and forth, back and forth along the width… I had to cast on 400 tiny stitches and knit this thing the entire length BEFORE I can turn the work and go back to the other end. Which also means… when you make a mistake in the middle… UGH!


Needless to say… this is a scarf for myself. I love the yarn, so I keep on truckin’. About a quarter of the way done, disaster strikes!!! My dog got ahold of it and pulled the knitting off… so he could chew on the wooden needles. YIKES!!! I was so upset I put the whole thing away to deal with at a later date.

rewrapped yarn

Another year goes by. I pull it out again. I start from scratch. Four rows in I somehow have lost track of the cadence and find I am knitting instead of purling, or slipping a stitch at the wrong time. The whole thing is a mess! I pull it all out, back to the beginning… and put it away.

Yesterday I decide it’s time to try again. Reassuring myself that “the third time’s the charm”… and begin… again. I am speeding along… thrilled with my progress. So happy am I, I decide to boast about it on my blog today. I take the photos, I sit back down to do a few more rows, and… damn… lose track again!!!

Begin knitting again

OK… so NOW I am determined to get this right!!! This is the FOURTH time I have started this scarf. I am S-L-O-W-LY, and painstakingly counting each and EVERY stitch as I make them… all 400 at a time. I have never concentrated so deeply on a knitting project before. At this rate I am certain the scarf won’t be finished until the Spring… but I refuse to stop until I can wrap the damn thing around my neck and proudly show it off!!!!