Not Your Grandmother’s Quilt – DP#27

Wild Quilt


I decided I needed to spread my wings a bit and sew out of my comfort zone today. The New York City Metro Area Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a Double Wedding Ring Quilt Challenge and today I jumped on the band wagon.

Most of you have probably seen this quilt design before… but by my photo have no idea which one it is. Traditionally it is sewn with a white background and soft, pretty pastels making the circles… like this:

Dbl Wedding ring quiltWell…. being as this challenge is hosted by a MODERN QUILT GUILD… I broke from tradition and took a step on the wild side. In a nutshell the definition of a Modern Quilt is one using traditional patterns in a new and unexpected way. I started by selecting fabric from my most favorite designer of all time… Kaffe Fassett!! Once I finished drooling all over the bolts of his fabrics, I zeroed in on three that seem to work together. Two are shown in the photo above… the third is a secret. I don’t want to reveal my design just yet.

I’m going looney lining up all the stripes so they go in the direction I want. It requires total concentration. The house could burn down around me and I bet I wouldn’t notice until the firemen hauled me out of there. As a matter of fact… on days when I was so absorbed in a project a friend would drop pizza by my house certain I would forget to eat. Thank heavens for friends!

I think there should be a prize given out for the most perseverance used in getting the project finished. I would definitely win!!! I am not using any of the trappings and tools every modern quilter has at their disposal. No… not me. I am housesitting for the entire month in a ‘non quilter’ household that doesn’t even own a pair of decent scissors… never mind dreaming I would find a rotary cutter or self healing mat. Actually the scissors are beautiful Gingher’s with the owner’s monogram engraved on the blade in script *drool*; however the blades are so dull that the idea of tearing the fabric with my teeth has crossed my mind more than once.

I can’t wait until tomorrow when I unearth her sewing machine and see if it is operable. If not… I will pull out the old thimble and sew it all by hand. Geesh… that’s really going back to the traditional roots.

The challenge allows me to enter three different samples. Woo! Hoo! I happened to design 3 awesome entries and didn’t know which one to submit. Now I can enter all three! The best news is they don’t have to be quilt size… Phew!!!

I would LOVE to win one of the amazing prizes being awarded. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

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