Creative 2017 is Now in Session! Won’t you Join Me?

It looks like 2017 is going to be an extremely creative year for me. I’m only 3 days in and so far I have been working on a quilt, drawn a neighborhood home, started Joanne Sharpe’s 2017 Artful Life Class, and have a knitting project on my needles! All this… and so much more either in the design stage, or further!

The Quilt – I fell in love with Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s Star Storm pattern and have been busy choosing fabrics for mine. I am blogging about the process… so you can read all about it HERE and HERE. Deviating from the original color scheme is certainly exercising my creative brain!

Star Storm creative Fabric Selection

House Drawing – My neighborhood is an eclectic mix of homes at the Jersey Shore. From sprawling mansions to tiny bungalows and everything in between, we have it all. As I walk around I am humbled by some of the amazing homes. I want to draw and paint so many of them!! One of my favorites is one that has so much character and texture it SCREAMS for me to look at it as I pass. The stained glass window on the front door is a spider web!!! So AWESOME! Taking a break from the quilt and some computer work, I spent this rainy day finally drawing this house. I still have to pull out my water colors to finish… but that might have to wait for another day. Working from a quick snapshot taken this summer, I had to take creative license on some areas I couldn’t see well.

creative Ink drawing

2017 Artful Life Class – I signed up for this online class the moment I heard about it… grabbing the ‘early bird’ pricing. I have been following Joanne Sharpe for a few years now, purchased her books, read her articles in magazines, and have even taken an older class or two. I love her easy style of teaching… and the positive atmosphere she creates in her classes. This particular class runs the ENTIRE YEAR!!! One of the main reasons I signed up for her class was to document my life in a fun and creative way, while learning new techniques on a regular basis. I highly recommend this class to ALL of you… even if you don’t think you can draw! Seriously! Joanne makes it sooooo easy to follow her!! More information can be found HERE!

Creative Lettering - 2017 Artful Life

Knitting – In reality I have TWO projects on needles. The first is a hat for my grandson in Florida. Obviously it will be lightweight as the temperature doesn’t drop that low. It won’t take long to complete… maybe a day or two. The second project KILLS ME!!! The scarf that took me THREE YEARS of off and on again knitting… and had to be ripped out and re-started FOUR times (post of progress HERE)… was LOST!!! I only got to wear it TWICE!! I was wearing it when I hopped on the PATCO High Speed Line, and by the time I walked the many blocks to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia… it was GONE! AAACCCCKKK!!! I can only hope that it is keeping some homeless person a little bit warmer this winter, and they needed it more than me. I quickly purchased new yarn (on sale… SCORE!)… and am ready to start all over again! To satisfy my creative side, and not feel I’m knitting the same thing over again, I purchased a different color.

Other Projects – First up, I have another card table play tent to sew for my daughter’s business… Posted Fete (formally Bash Box). Last time was a Luau theme… this time it’s camping. Fun! It will debut next month. The creative design stage is complete… it’s now time to get this thing on the sewing machine. Secondly… I’m working on a super secret project due soon. As soon as I am able to share it with you, I’ll post.

Working on the computer, checking in on high school classmate’s parents, staying in  touch with family and friends, and finally eating and sleeping round out my day. The big question I have now is… WHEN did I ever have the time to work full-time job????

Here’s wishing you a happy and creative 2017!!!



Pinterest – My Morning Coffee

Pinterest doodlesSome people can’t start their day without a hot, steaming cup o’ Joe. I’m not one of those people. Instead I choose an hour of Pinterest to get my motor running. Yup, Pinterest. What? You’re not on Pinterest? What are you waiting for?

A few years ago I was sick in bed, and bored beyond belief. My daughter mentioned something about this new site named Pin-Interest, so I grabbed my laptop and began typing. I didn’t get the concept right away. Virtual bulletin boards? Followers?? Huh? But then I saw a recipe for the yummiest little snack… mini-pretzels topped with a Hershey kiss and tossed in the oven to melt just a bit. I think it was topped with something else, perhaps a Peanut M&M. I pinned it… and I never looked back.

Currently I have 107 boards with almost 10,000 pins and hundreds of followers. I pin anything that piques my interest. I’m big on pinning quilts, watercolor inspiration, great photos, yummy food, and things for the house. I even have a board titled, ‘In My Spare Time’… yeah, right… like we all have plenty of that, right?

I have made a few things I have ‘pinned’… but mostly I use the boards as inspiration. I have even posted things that I have done… and people I don’t even know have ‘pinned’ them. It’s really a jolt to be scrolling through someone’s board about creative lettering and you say, “Hey! That’s mine! I did that!” At first it seems a little creepy, but then a bit of pride seeps in. Someone in this Universe who I don’t even know (nor ever will) thought something I made was worth remembering for the future. Wow!

One of the things I have become interested in lately is designing greeting cards. Mostly I’m using my own artwork and cool quotes from books. Some days I have a ton of ideas, and other days I can’t think of a blessed thing. That’s when Pinterest comes to my rescue.

Now I spend my mornings on Pinterest to get my mind spinning. Sitting at my desk that overlooks the lake, I pull out a sketch pad and pens and begin to draw things I like. I pin them too… you never know when I might need to take another peek at the inspiration. For example… here’s a few pages of drawings and quotes I did yesterday:



A lot of these drawings are a copy of someone else’s work, and that’s OK. As I scribble and color, my mind moves in to another dimension and eventually I begin to draw my own things. I look at the process as jump-starting a car battery. It needs help from another battery until it can function on its own.


No matter if it’s a cup of coffee, an hour of meditation, a 3 mile run, or an hour on Pinterest… I hope you all have found your own pleasurable way to start the day.


I’ll end with a quote I found on Pinterest that has stuck with me for a few days…

“Let your love give your Heart wings to fly and soar”

Keep smiling!!!