Paper Snob and FREE Coloring Page

OK… I admit it, I’m a paper snob. To me there is nothing better than a fresh clean notebook, filled with paper of substance.

I thought I was the only crazy person in the world touching and feeling the paper in the cheap notebooks at the discount stores and being dissatisfied. Yet today, while I was investigating the paper in a particular notebook I was considering purchasing, I noticed a man sitting on the floor going through each and every Composition Book! Every one!! All colors! During a brief conversation I realized he was doing the same thing I was… feeling the paper.

He pointed out the paper in the black and white composition books were a heavier weight than the different colored books. He was right! He did his research and found the books shipped from India were lighter weight to save on shipping costs. Huh… Who would have guessed?

Any way… I bet you are wondering what all this has to do with a FREE download of a page to color, right? Well I’ll tell ya… BEFORE you print off this page, I wanted to discuss the kind of paper you should consider loading into your printer to get the best results.

I’m not sure if you noticed or not… but coloring books for Adults are H-U-G-E right now. The more expensive ones have the better paper. However, if you take a close look at the paper used in children’s coloring books, you might notice the paper is grayish and is basically ‘newsprint’. There’s a reason for that. Crayons are slick, and they need a bit of ‘tooth’ to release the colored wax from the crayon. Think of running a crayon over a piece of sandpaper… and then try writing on a smooth surface like your kitchen counter. Get it?

With this in mind… figure out what method of coloring you plan on doing BEFORE printing this FREE Coloring Page. Going to use crayons? Use inexpensive copy paper or newsprint. Thinking of pulling out your markers? Invest in a pad of smooth vellum, or special ‘marker paper’ for less bleeding. Watercolor paper is the ONLY paper you should consider if you’re going to take a brush to the design.

Inkjet or Laser? Again it depends on your choice of medium. Crayons and markers can be either. Watercolor will smear the ink, so use a Laser printer if you have one.

Without further adieu, here’s my very first FREE Coloring Page download. Please bear with this old dog as it learns new tricks… like creating the design in Adobe Illustrator instead of hand drawing it, and actually scanning the design into the computer instead of taking a photo. Dropbox is new to me too. Ah… so many things to learn!

FREE Coloring Page Christmas Ornaments

FREE Coloring Page Christmas Ornaments


When finished with your work of art… please share it via Facebook and Instagram. I wanna see! I wanna see!!! Use the hashtag #uncolorart and @uniqueandnovel.

Have fun!


After working all week on my story… I have come to the realization my fabulous beginning makes a much better ending. The whole story flows better that way when I map it out in outline form.

It’s not THAT big a deal… it’s still written well and only a few minor changes need to be made to accommodate… but now I’m stuck searching for a good beginning point. I need a ‘hook’ to pull readers into the story fast and entice them to read more.

Strange thing though… I’m learning it is easier to plan a book from the end to the beginning. Working backwards allows me to pace the story without running out of time… and prevents rambling on too much in one particular area. Is it a coincidence I do maze puzzles the same way?? I start at the end of a maze and move my pencil towards the beginning… not unlike meeting goals when you think about it. You set a goal, then plan the stages you need to accomplish the goal. So I guess I’m doing what comes naturally.

IMG_0249It’s so easy to work in these conditions. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get home.

How many notebooks does it take to write a book? In my case, 3. One that has my notes I made while taking an online refresher course, another for my character development, structure and outline and finally the last for jotting down scenes and thoughts I want to fit in the book but am not ready for yet. There is nothing better than watching the paper curl at the edges when you begin to write on the back side. I love the permanence of pen and paper… the smell of the ink… the crispness of the paper… the way the pen glides across the surface. Ahhh… nice.

Once things are formed in my head… THEN I go to the computer and start typing… and type, and type, and type some more. There have been times I became so involved in the story I forgot to move for hours! My biggest wish is when all is said and done you get so involved reading my story YOU don’t move for hours.