New Man! – DP#113

Measuring Tape


Woo! Hoo! There’s a new man in my life!! His name is John… I don’t know his last name. I don’t where he lives, or if he’s married. I DO know that he smiles when he sees me, cracks corny jokes to make me laugh, and has me hold the measuring tape.

John works at Home Depot. He has designated himself my own personal ‘cutter of wood’ for my projects. For instance, today I needed 5 lengths of 2x4s at 38 1/4″ each to raise the mattress on an antique bed. I own a hand saw… and a hand held circular saw, which I haven’t made friends with yet. Now I don’t have to worry, or procrastinate… I simply go to Home Depot, track down John and give him my shopping list. PERFECT!

Sadly, he can’t do everything. I have a project that will require a 1×4 to be ripped in half at a 45 degree angle to make a 3 foot cleat (Don’t I sound like I know what I’m doing?). Home Depot doesn’t provide that kind of service. I’ll worry about that when the time comes. But in the mean time I will roll up my sleeves, whip out my new tape measure, don my protective eyewear… and hand John ‘What’s His Name’ my list.